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  1. Guess who's back again!!
  2. i have a KM double trimetal (as per dp) and a small AF hookah.. I have to say the KM hands down beats the pants off the AF.. I paid $120AUD for the AF and $150AUD for the KM.. The difference in cost, was well worth it IMO. The AF's dont seal as well between the stem and vase, the downpipe is too short, and the hose just doesnt match a KM hose! Not to mention the diameter of the KM is significantly wider then the af...!
  3. QUOTE (FSUReligionMan @ Nov 11 2009, 10:16 AM) og is what we use to refer to tangiers noir and regular nak Interesting, does it actually stand for anything?
  4. pardon my noobness but whats this 'og' business
  5. same hookah as in my display pic.. freakin awesome pipe
  6. so whats the news in HF??? Did anything come of scallis herbal shisha? is nakhla still the craze?
  7. back from the dead is both ME and this thread! God im hopeless with HF...!! I was in london in June, and got myself a triemetal KM...!! im in love.. Also have an AF 26" (Small one)... and have been experimenting with making my own sisha (as we're hit with taxes of $318aud/kg!!!)) was in israel too, never had the pleasure of meeting Tizanabi (i think thats how u spell it) but had many a long pre-shabbas conversation iwth the guy. He is a legend!!! Love this forum, it seriously takes you places worldwide!
  8. with much help from TizaNabi (via phone directions) I FOUND GOA! Its like shisha heaven. So much tobacco, so many cheesy chinese hookahs! I bought 3x100g tubs of shisha for 36 sheckels = $12AUS Just smoked a bowl of lemon/mint of their own homebrew shisha and it was deeee-lish Ill go back and take happy snaps for the forum. QUOTE (TizaNabi @ Jun 18 2009, 10:51 PM) For the last 3 years I've lived on a village between Bethleham and Hebron. You'd think that in Arab towns you can find hookahs or shisha but tourist prices still not high, its mostly Chinese manufactured and the bare ammount of shisha variety. For Bethleham orArab part of Hebron I can't say, as Israeli law does not allow Jews there, and even if we did, it might cost our lives.Though you can see Arabs traditionally dressed in most every Israeli shop. (Our gain-their loss). But Jerusalem is another matter. The "old city" of Jerusalem with an Arab Quarter, Jewish Quarter, Armenian, Christian Quarters have all the Holy Sites and have enough to do their of intrest to keep a person busy for months , but in the Arab market I broke my heart since IF they sell shisha or hookahs, the variety is poor. I had gone to one place in the Jerusalem center area not far from the Old City called "Siam". They have Nakhla, Al-Sultan which I think is really good, home made shisha really fine and a great selection of hookahs, but not the brands you can get in the USA. I think they are all Chinese from what I see is available on the Chinese manufacturer websites. Prices are very cheap for shisha and hookah there. 10 assorted packs of your choice for $11.25. If you have a terrific hookah at home, you can get any kind or size of good ones for cheap and smoke them here at those prices. I found though this week not far from there a better place and cheaper with more variety. "Goa" (as in Goa,India) where many Israelis have gone. "Goa" I knew existed but couldn't find even though I was equipped with the street number and knew the area well. "Siam" is on Yaffa street ajunct to Ben Yehuda street. Further down off Yaffa Street is Moshe Yoel Solomon street 3. That's "Goa". I got 10 packs of assorted shisha of my choice for $10.00. Its also fresh shiah, they do have a large box of old shisha for even cheaper. The hookahs are also Chinese but more variety and some nice figurine hookahs. I expressed intrest in a Jordanian shisha in a pack of 10 which I bought years before sitting on the side, and another made in "Rammallah,Palestine" which is nextdoor to Jerusalem. The prices are written up at both stores so even if you speak English you can't get ripped off .
  9. benny

    Al Dameer Al Arabi

    Beautifully said brother... Enough of using the israel-palestine conflict as a uniting force of hatred to mask other internal problems. Work for peace, coz Israel aint goin nowhere QUOTE (TizaNabi @ Jun 27 2009, 09:31 PM) Lets take out a map of the world and see that the Middle East contains a great percentage of size of that world. Add Turkey,Turkmenestah,the Moslem areas of the former Soviet who are gigantically large countries....and then lets take a look at thesmall percentage of that map which is Palestine. Just as you have been telling your children from generation to generation for 61 long years, we Jews passed the tradition down for 3400 years. (a bit longer). I live in a small village between Hebron and Bethleham.We have Arab villages within 1,2 and 3 kilometers from us. In April one of those neighbors came to my village and planted an axe into the head of an 13 year old boy killing him. 3 years ago a man from our village had his throat slit while meditating inthe woods.Lets say that those Arabs did this to avenge wrongs done by Israelis . But you kill brother Arabs too. Last week Druze attacked Christian Arabs inside of the Galilee after one of the parties said horrible things on the internet.They live in the same village. This week it was found that a Moslem put the fake accusations on the internet....In Iraq its not news if 150 Arabs who went to market get killed in a bomb by other Moslems. We could have had peace so long ago.We do have with Egypt and Jordan.From people who live by the sword and glorify it, its not easy. Instead of 4 videos on youtube about war, make a short one about peace. I would love to see it. I love to hear the call for prayer from the Moslem towers.I see Arabs who shop where we do, yet I am not allowed into the cities we "captured".Did you take out a map online on the Middle East which includes all the North African countries?Look how much bigger Sudan is than its gigantic neighbor Egypt? Now look at Israel, a little banana peel on that gigantic map. I respect the Arab culture, religon, intellect,its soldiers, artists. We could have economic growth instead of war machines.But you have JUST to get rid of the Jews. Then it will be fine? You'll find something to kill each other for when you will no longer be united in hate for Israel. Why not look on us as the catalyst to make contact on for peace instead?If we had that hate and are using genocide against the Palestinians then why have the ammount of our citizens raised to 20% of our country be Arabs? Are they being killed? And Palestinianpopulation growth is so huge under our war machine and always getting bigger through the years. We are not doing as well as the Nazis it seems.They killed 6 million Jews and 14 million other peoples in 6 years. In our 61 your numbers increase.Why not try for peace? It has a price but so much less than fighting.
  10. i was there (יפו) last night and melech ha nargilot (מלך הנרגילות) was shut...?? dont think permanently but it was closed! Ill try to give u a buzz soon QUOTE (TizaNabi @ Jun 25 2009, 05:00 PM) In Jaffa go to"Melech Ha Nargilot" store "King of the Nargilah". I know it by reputation only. Call me, I left you a private message for very cheap and good stuff in Jerusalem that I buy at!
  11. i was there (יפו) last night and melech ha nargilot (מלך הנרגילות) was shut...?? dont think permanently but it was closed! Ill try to give u a buzz soon QUOTE (TizaNabi @ Jun 25 2009, 05:00 PM) In Jaffa go to"Melech Ha Nargilot" store "King of the Nargilah". I know it by reputation only. Call me, I left you a private message for very cheap and good stuff in Jerusalem that I buy at!
  12. When I Joined Hookah Forum... none of you noobs were here, just GoD, EL, JD, Mushy, Sonthert and a few others... Oh and sonthert and i never agreed on middle eastern politics lol
  13. talk about a post resurrection Im back in israel folks, so hit me up for suggestions
  14. benny


    im a sydney sider, just bought my first KM from a store on edgeware road in london... Its a 34" Khalil Mamoon trimetal like from thehookah.com cept dif hose/vase.. Good luck in your hunt i could never find KM in australia and ive been lookin for 3 yrs