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  1. Hey everybody, Im on my roadtrip of the west coast, staying outside of san francisco and was wondering what the best hookah places are within 100miles of san francisco (or san fran itself). Looking for good hookah and a fun crowd! Thanks every1
  2.   I'm in the states for three weeks. Them prices seem pretty decent, what's the crowd like? Yeh I don't think I'll have time for hookah in Vegas tbh....lol...any places you'd recommend we go see? Im going to Yosemite national park, grand canyon, death valley, lake tahoe in case you mention them.   Haha....yeh I wouldn't smoke anything in Tijuana....   Theme parks wise, Universal Studios or Six Flags, which would you recommend? Or should I visit both if I have time?   Thanks!
  3.   Thanks....what are the prices like? And do they do Tangiers...everybody on here talks about that but I've not tried it yet. And any other lounges you know of in the other city's?
  4. Hey everybody,   Need some advice, I'm from the UK and me and a friend are flying over to the states to do a road trip across the west coast and this is where we'll be going:   Vegas Sacramento San Franciso Los ANgeles San Diego Tijuana Vegas (and back to the UK)      I'm a hookah fan and was wondering what are the best Hookah cafes in the places I've mentioned (I'm not expecting a hookah lounge in Tijuana lol). What im looking for is a good crowd (eye candy as well if possible lol) and good hookah! Any suggestions would be great and also anything that's not hookah related that's worth going to/visiting, feel free to mention! Thanks! 
  5. Thanks for the reply, ive alreday done all the simple mixes with mint (da +mint, guava+mint, watermelon +mint, grape + mint) looking for the more exotic 3-4 flavour mixes, anybody now of any?
  6. Hey, I have a hookah lounge and was wondering what are the best mixes i could make using the following Al Fakher flavours that i have: *Double Apple *Mint *Grape *Watermelon *Peach *Orange *Lemon *Pineapple* *Cola *Banana *Cherry *Strawberry *Bubblegum *Jasmin *Grenadine *Guava *Cocunut *Mango *Vanilla *5 Apples *Single Apple I have ample amounts of the above and need to make some good fusions with them, any help would be really appreciated!!! Thanks
  7. Hi, Im looking to buy around 20-25 mya hookahs for my lounge and was wondering if anybody knew of local shops (that are not online etc) or other online shops based in the UK that sold MYA hookahs? Id really appreciate any help with this, i need to buy in the next 7 days! Thanks
  8. Hi, Im opening a hookah cafe in the uk in the next few months, and i want to have really good actual hookah pipes that smoke easy and taste good without hitting your throat, i need approximately 25-30 hookah pipes and was wondering what i could get if i was to pay around £35-£45 for each one? Any wholesale websites would help....and id prefere branded hookah pipes (e.g al fakher, khalil mamoon, mya etc) Any help would be much appreciated...and im sure my customers would prefere good tasting/smoking sheesha than the cheap tasting ones.
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