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    How To Make Your Own Wind Guard

    This wind guard design was made to fit vortex bowls. So long as the bowl has an outside diameter under 75mm (3") it should fit. As for height, this wind cover is designed to sit on the coal catcher tray. As long as the height from the coal tray to the top of the bowl doesn't exceed 190mm (7.5") it should fit. All you need for this project is: -A ruler that measures in metric (a yard/meter stick is preferable) -A 25cm x 50cm (10" x 20") piece of metal flashing -Scissors capable of cutting metal flashing -A Sharpie -Something small with a sharp edge to fold metal against. (If it's too big it won't be suitable when it comes to some of the more intricate folds.) -Some WD40 and a rag/paper towel (if you want to get rid of the sharpie markings.) -A drill or something to poke small holes into the metal. -Thin metal wire Step 1: Use a sharpie and ruler to measure where you will need to cut or fold as per this diagram: [url="http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/535/hookahcoalcover.png/"][img]http://img535.imageshack.us/img535/5301/hookahcoalcover.png[/img][/url] Step 2: Cut along the outside border and wherever color boxes come into contact with other color boxes in the diagram. It should look something like this: [attachment=5559:fold1.PNG] Step 3: (Optional) If there is any sharpie markings, you can spray a small amount of WD-40 on a paper towel or rag. Rub said rag/paper towel over the parts with sharpie and it will remove the sharpie markings. This will also remove any tough adhesive residue if there is any. (Make sure to wipe off the metal with a dry, clean rag / paper towel before you use this wind cover on your hookah. >.<) Step 4: Cut or drill holes 5mm from the outer corners of the green parts and the similarly sized black parts. (you will use these holes to hold everything in place.) Step 5:Fold the small tabs at a 90 Degree angle: [attachment=5560:fold2.PNG] Step 6: Fold the triangle parts at a 90 Degree angle like so: [attachment=5561:fold3.PNG] Step 7: Fold the part attached to the triangle at a 90 Degree angle: [attachment=5562:fold4.PNG] Step 8: Fold the last 2 parts, but be careful and make sure not to fold them a complete 90 Degrees like the other folds, you can either let it bend naturally (more curvy) or do a slight angular fold. (more sharp angled) [attachment=5563:fold5.PNG] Step 9: Cut 4 small lengths of wire and loop them through the holes you punched / drilled through the metal to secure everything together. Tie the wire so everything is nice and snug together. If you followed everything correctly, you will have an awesome hookah coal tray. Not only does this coal tray protect your coals from wind, the size makes it so that the coal wont fall off the hookah in the case of a hookah tipping incident. FAQ [b]Can it be put into the same backpack that I use for my hookah?[/b] Yes, you can put it in a backpack and it wont get crumpled up. (If you use standard metal flashing.) [b]Can you pick it up with your hands after you've had a few coals burning in it?[/b] Yes, just make sure to pick it up from the bottom. [b]Do you realize that this looks like a chimney cap?[/b] Yes. If anything confuses you, please reply and I will help you out.
  2. russianwizard

    Falafel House

    This is a small out of the way hookah bar on the outer part of the highlands. There is usually no waiting list and it isn't packed to the brim with frat guys and the like. I tried their double apple and it had great flavor. They used quick lights but they didn't taste like crap. Compared to 360 this place is awesome! It cost me and my friend around $15 for a hookah, a drink and a coffee.
  3. russianwizard

    Need New Keyboard - Suggestions?

    If you don't mind spending $40-$60 buy a saitek keyboard. Their customer support is friggen awesome (Broke my spacebar, called them and they gave me a new one in less than a week.), and their keyboards light up which is awesome for night time use.
  4. russianwizard


    Fuck redneck bumpkins that are too stupid to change the transmission fluid in the truck that I bought from them. FML.
  5. russianwizard

    "Nub" Moves...

    Attempting to purge the vase of crappy quick light smoke only to blow too hard into the hose and cause water to spit out into the bowl and ruin the coals and shisha. I've done this a couple of times. >.<
  6. New hookah comes thursday. CANT WAIT! :O

  7. russianwizard

    Sahara Smoke

    HookahHookah Shisha is worthless. It burns too quickly and it has little to no taste. I have owned 2 Sahara smoke hookahs and they are good for newbies, but there usually alot more restrictive than a good KM, Egyptian or Authentic Middle Eastern style hookah. Plus they have a tendancy to rust. Can't wait till Thursday when my Nammor Hookah arrives
  8. russianwizard

    Missing Forum People

    I dropped off the face of this forum for a little bit. Only because I stopped smoking since I've been too preoccupied with other crap. Now I'm back with a crappy sahara smoke hookah and I'm aboutto get a new nammor hookah
  9. russianwizard


    Fuck ageist old bastards who think that teenagers are automatically stupid because they make mistakes every once in a while. Fuck Kentucky's DMV for making the driving test easy enough for a retarded caveman to pass it. Fuck having to bike to work then eat then go to school then sleep, then repeat; because some dumb ass decided to run a red light and total my car.
  10. russianwizard


    [quote name='Venger' date='25 April 2010 - 10:10 AM' timestamp='1272204604' post='465334'] [quote name='russianwizard' date='25 April 2010 - 01:29 AM' timestamp='1272173375' post='465314'] Pro Choice here. If someone doesn't want a child, so be it. We shouldn't take away their freedom just because some religions oppose it. My Microsoft I teacher has a TV show on local access where he goes to abortion clinics and shows both sides of the protest. Personally I think it's insane how hostile the environment can get outside of a clinic. But with all religions you have your fare share of fanatics. [/quote] so What your saying is if a person is inside a uterus its ok to kill them( since your not religious) but once outside the uterus its not ok to kill them. so lets say I am an atheist, that gives me the right to kill you.I mean why not.I'm not against it and there is no eternal punishment and your kinda a douche so ya I can kill you cause I just don't want you around. Oh and my kid.His grades suck and he is gonna cost me a fortune to send to college so I think I will kill him too.I am tired of being a parent.I guess I should have thought about that 17 years ago when he was on the other side of the vagina and it was legal to do it.Gosh darn my timing. Ray [/quote] I love how you called me a douche bag based on my take on the matter. Yes, life is something we take for granted, but not all people can handle creating another form of life. While some people get abortions just because they can't control their sexual behavior, some should truly not have the burden of bearing another human being into this world. (ie. Rape Victims) In every system you have your fair share of people who exploit it. But it does serve it's purpose.
  11. russianwizard

    Lets Count To A Million

  12. English, Some Spanish, and I'm slowly learning Russian.
  13. russianwizard

    Weight Loss

    Ride a Bike to places within 8 miles of your house. I have always found that exercising is easier if there is a destination. I bike to work now (4 mile ride) and I log 35-60 miles a week. Plot a bike path with google maps, and start off with 1.5x the time it says it will take. Go slow at first, then pick up speed once it starts getting easier. Since the start of summer, I have lost about 3-4 inches off of my waistline. Also if you do need to change your diet, transition into a leaner diet. Don't change your diet too quickly or you will go back to the way things were before in no time.
  14. russianwizard


    Pro Choice here. If someone doesn't want a child, so be it. We shouldn't take away their freedom just because some religions oppose it. My Microsoft I teacher has a TV show on local access where he goes to abortion clinics and shows both sides of the protest. Personally I think it's insane how hostile the environment can get outside of a clinic. But with all religions you have your fare share of fanatics.
  15. Cleaning a hose can be a pain if you don't have a small enough funnel. You could always run the opening under a tap, but you might risk damaging the outside layer of the hose. This tutorial will show you how to make a hommade funnel with some common hosehold items. You will need: Knife (Needs to be able to cut through a cola can) Aluminum Cola Can [img]http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/7147/20100424235956.jpg[/img] 1.Cut a small sqare from the cola can: [img]http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/2362/20100425000047.jpg[/img] 2.Cut a line 1/2 way down the square, and put a small sized hole in the middle: [img]http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/263/20100425000137.jpg[/img] 3.Pull one of the cut edges torwads the other until it is shaped like a funnel. Bend the edges that are poking out at the top to keep if from unfolding: [img]http://img532.imageshack.us/img532/847/20100425000211.jpg[/img] 4. You may have the make the hole bigger, but you should now have a small funnel for your hose [img]http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/957/20100425000248.jpg[/img]