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  1. Silly Question

    I just bought and hookah and I got it off line and got a brush for it. how do i clean my hookah and what do I use the brush on?
  2. New Way To Pack A Bowl

    i don't understand. so the foil goes on top of the shisha like a loose leaf and the paper clip and coals go where? I'd like to try it at least.
  3. Hookah Turka

    There's a few places opening in Bethlehem. I only know of one. Their website is www.hookahturka.com I can't wait for them to open! I will post again once they open.
  4. Best Shisha

    I've been reading reviews and it sounds like i've been buying the wrong shisha. I want something that will give me a great buzz and alot of smoke. I've been using Starbuzz because it tastes good but it generally gives me a headache. So, i'm open for suggestions and not just on brands but on sites to buy them and flavors.
  5. Good Price?

    http://www.myasaray.com/store/item.asp?ite...epartment_id=62 thats like my old hookah which got ruined in a recent car accident. is this a good price or can i find something the same size (and in either purple, pink or sky blue) for a better price somewhere?
  6. How About Some New Section?

    How about a tips section and a section for "newbies" to talk to each other and learn together?
  7. Pennsylvania Pa Smokers

    Allentown, PA
  8. Starbuzz Flavors

    what do pink and naks taste like and whats AF?
  9. Starbuzz Flavors

    QUOTE (speel @ Jun 30 2009, 08:29 PM) Blue mist and christmas mix are pretty good what do they taste like?
  10. Starbuzz Flavors

    What are some good starbuzz flavors? They have so many that sound good and I can't deciede. I got passion kiss and it's okay. I got sweet melon and love it and some other melon from them and loved it too. So what are your suggestions?