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  1. There's a new machine they have at starbucks (i used to work there as well) but it's a recreation of the Starbucks Barista machine called the Via Venezia and it's by Saeco and it's only like $199. It works well for the occasional daily espresso. It's difficult to pull many shots because even with the espresso pods you can buy for it, it sometimes needs to warm between each shot (but this doesn't take too long). But pulling 2 shots for a latte wouldn't be an issue. It also has a steam wand that works pretty well. I think the machine is great for casual espresso drinker. But stressing what they say above, it's not about the machine, it's the coffee you put it in.
  2. Yea if definately was a blast, some of the most fun I've had in a while. Going back to TX to visit was amazing! Unfortunately I'm broke and am working at a job where I basically told them I wouldn't take a vacation. So Not too soon, unfortunately. And definately getting drunk and singing is always a plus!! Haha. You guys dont know this, but mister scalli here is a pretty good singer!
  3. Scalli my man. Sorry about the fingers bra. I know how difficult it is to lose something you were so close to haha. Anyways. I'll be the first to say it. I'm really glad you posted the pictures of your finger damage. I love gorey pictures. Haha. But seriously now take care of yourself.
  4. It was awesome to smoke with you scalli! Great hookah smoke and good tips. You are very creative with your mods and such. (I had such hookah head after I left) But it was awesome to meet up and get together. I had a blast!
  5. Excellent prices. I'm really digging the tripe hose rotator. That's the price I've been looking for, only problem is.....what colors do u have? Only the ones displayed?
  6. Dude.....Have you seen how cheap bananas are? 37 cents a pound, I bought 2 big bunches the other day for 75 cents......... LETS MAKE BANANA POWERED CARS!!! No but in all honesty, we need renewable fuel sources. It just seems silly to me that we would start using all these fossil fuels..... and not even think about what happens when we run out.. O well.
  7. I've had the sphinx-ter coals? They tasted like shit......
  8. Ok has anyone ordered anythign form thse guys? They have really good prices that are way low cuz the hookahs dotn come witha bunch of stuff. I dont need all that stuff. Has anyone tried them. I just dont want to get screwed.
  9. Luckily I have a way arond the starbuzz issue....the head shop i go to sells 50 and 100 grams bags. (probably unauthorized, but what do u expect)... the bags are still WAYYYYYY over priced, but I gave it a shot once, and spent the money. I was SOOOO suprised byt he flavors. Blueberry and Melon, and thsoe are fruit flavors, and I can NEVER taste fruit flavors. Earlier in my days ont he board, I was looking for a brand with BAM flavors. Starbuzz has it. Layalina, all I have tried was there mint.....which was good. Is there rest real good too? I have problems with starbuzz too, it's way to damn juicy. It leaks everywhere. Whatev though, better flavor.
  10. I am really impressed with starbuzz flavors, judging from the name, I assume it's american made, and I always figured the best flavors would be the Middle eastern kind. But so far, starbuzz has the best flavors out of any that I've tried. I smoke for the flavor, not for the buzz. Tobacco buzz isn't fun, it sucks. It's just crappy. So I dont really care about teh washed leaves. And starbuzz give plenty of good smoke. I'M SUCH A HAPPY CAMPER RIGHT NOW! Who agrees?
  11. I went to my local head shop and noticed they were selling some social smoke flip tops for the hoses, so you dont have to hold your thumb over it. I was sooo freaking excited, I got home and they DONT FIT!!! They are too small....I was pretty bummed. lol. They were cheap and everything I was just excited. I have cobra hoses, does anyone know what kind of hoses they are supposed to fit?
  12. PSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Trip hop. No. Floyd all the way. Pick up Pink Floyd's Meddle album, and Animals. Meddle is extremely chill, and a lesser known album, and animals is also slightly lesser known, and very good relaxing, music.
  13. In the right forum? I 'm looking for tobacco with really flavorful smoke. I dont care about buzz. I want some bad ass, in my face flavors. So what do you think? Post, your favorite flavors too. EDIT WELL FUCK!!! Apparently when you add new things it restarts the whole poll. So revote. And for the record, starbuzz was in the lead by far.
  14. In response to the dude that posted all the crap about copper saying that it's poisonous. I really dont think anyone needs to be concerned with him sucking on the end of the copper tube. If you are filing down copper and ingesting it, yeah, that's a problem, but I highly doubt that a copper tube is going to kill anyone.
  15. Okay, here's my question. What is the deal with charcoal holders I see on websites...I dont understand the purpose. Holding charcoals obviously but why. Mine are in a nice roll, and natural ones are in a bag. I read further and began to realize "Ohhhhh, it's for lit coals......interesting"......okay....wtf. Why do I need to have tons of lit coals ready to go? Cuz i mean, If I want to have a long smoke session...I begin smoking, okay, with my 20 lit charcoals in my cute little holder. Well after an hour (I cant smoke for too much longer than like 2 hrs anways but thats beside the point.) after an hour the coals on my hookah start going out, but no reason to fear I have twenty more lit in my cute litt----oh shit. THEY WENT OUT TOO!!!! WOULDN'T THEY JUST GO OUT TOO!!???? I really dont get it. Is it for incase u own a hookah bar, and you need to be handing out lit coals left and right?
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