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  1. QUOTE (bedheadboy @ Jul 13 2009, 02:25 AM) QUOTE (oogyboogs @ Jul 12 2009, 10:22 PM) QUOTE (bedheadboy @ Jul 13 2009, 12:52 AM) Can you just burn a log and use the coals? Yeah... but putting little coal sized chunks in the oven first so they're all dried out works better. When they're bone dry they last longer. Take coal sized pieces of wood and dry them in the oven? What temperatures do you dry them at? What kind of wood is best? Could you please elaborate? 400 degrees, 15 minutes. I was using the Emergency Hookah Coal guide as a reference. http://www.instructables.com/id/EQIE0FPMLEEWIJMLIL/
  2. QUOTE (Punx Clever @ Jul 24 2009, 07:13 PM) 4 bux an ounce should be some damn good pipe baccy if you ask me! At cvs/wal-greens ETC, you should be paying significantly less than at the smoke shop... Yeah, it was really good stuff, and it tasted sort of like Strawberry Cremesavers. Anyway, it was just an experiment. In that post i should have said 20 dollars for 20 ounces.
  3. QUOTE (fineout @ Jul 21 2009, 04:20 PM) where in new england do you live? in RI i can get naklah and AF for like 13, i got layalina for 7-9$ too (all 250g) you can get good prices if you know where to look. I live in Boston. I've been to every shop in the area and they gouge like crazy. Update I tried the recipe with mint that I dried on my own and it worked great. I also tried some all fruit strawberry jam. I will denote here if it is good.
  4. I've been a huge fan of this forum. Reading and learning about hookah has increased my experience tenfold. You guys come up with some crazy shit! However one thing that always bugged me was shisha. I understand that paying for coals is a given, but flavored tobacco has always been expensive where I lived (New england.) Even ordering it online didn't make that much difference. Where I live, shisha costs $5 for a 50 gram box, $10 for a 100 gram box, and $17 dollars for a 250 gram box. For comparision, a friend of mine went to Dubai recently and got 2000 grams of Al Fakher for 12 bucks! If you like to smoke hookah as much as I do, it gets expensive. I always begrudgingly took this though because I didn't see another way to enjoy my favorite way to smoke. One day though, a friend of mine tells me that flavored tobacco could be banned under Obama's anti smoking bill! I was horrified. But then I thought: hey, if some dude could make it in a factory, so could I! Thus began my long adventure to find out how to make shisha. I started out by googling it. I got a whole bunch of hits. Problem was, I couldn't really find a bankable recipe. Everything gave things in percentages, or vague measurements. I needed solid measurements, so I standardrized the measurements I used, and after six tries, I have found a way to make homemade shisha tobacco that's a hit every time! Ingredients Teaspoon Mixing container- If you want to save the shisha, use a bowl with a top, like a tupperware or something. Glycerine- This can be found at a Walgreens, or a CVS, or Whole Foods. It retails for about 6 bucks a bottle. Molasses- The brand I used is Grandma's Original Molasses. Pipe tobacco- You can used the unflavored kind, but I have been trending towards flavored pipe tobacco to influence the flavor. My last two batches have been strawberry and cherry pipe tobacco. It can go for about 4 dollars an ounce at a high end cigar shop to 20 bucks an ounce at a CVS/RiteAid type place. Dried Fruit/Herbs- You're only gonna need a few teaspoons for the recipe. You can buy dried packages of fruit at any big chain supermarket. I haven't had any success with drying my own fruit. As an alternative, you can use dried herbs (like cinnamon or mint) or candy oil. I have yet to try candy oil though. Prep 1. In a bowl, add 4 bowls worth of tobacco. The bowl I used was a Mya Ceramic Bowl, seen here: http://www.hookah-shisha.com/store/pc/conf...p;idproduct=999. According to the site it holds 15-20 grams of tobacco a bowl. So figure 60-80 grams of tobacco going into the container. If you are using a scale and want an exact number, split the difference and say 70 grams. 2. Add two teaspoons of your flavoring to the mixture in the bowl Be it dried fruit or herbs, add 2 two teaspoons of it. Make sure the stufff is as powderized as possible. Then mix it into the tobacco well until it's fully intermingled. 3. Add two teaspoons of molasses one spoon at a time. Dribble it over the tobacco slowly. Afterwards, combine the mixture until the tobacco is fully coated. 4. Add two teasponns glycerine into the mixture. Dribble it the same way you did the molasses. Then mix well until all the ingredients are combined. Let sit for 2-3 hours. I like to let it soak overnight, but it does not matter This will make about two bowls worth. the tobacco clumps together real nice so the actual volume it takes up halves in my experience. If you pack the bowl and are getting a shitty pull, I like to leave a circle around the holes in the bowl, kind of like a shisha donut. Now, I've tried it a few times and it seems to work really well, but my problem is that I am having trouble securing flavor. the dried fruit works well, but the flavor comes more from the default pipe tobacco flavor. Otherwise this makes shisha that works pretty well. Here's where I'm hoping this forum comes in. All in all, this stuff cost about 40 bucks to buy. It's kind of pricey, but it's worth it to me because all of my shisha costs are gone. However, what can I use in lieu of fruit that can help the flavor along? Please, I urge you all to try this and help me improve this recipe. I will include step by step pictures so you can have an idea of how it looks. Anyways, I want to perfect this, so let's give it all a shot
  5. QUOTE (obeyfluffy @ Jul 12 2009, 05:34 AM) sooooo, i wanted to make a hookah for a long time. and at this party with my friend i saw this candle holder and i was just like YESSSSSS and so we stole it, because this kid whos house we were at is a douche bag and didnt know how to throw a rave. and then today, right before having people over, i found a used fishbowl nobody cared about soooo, i cleaned the fishbowl out with ammonia, then dish detergent, then i pulled out the candle holder, scraped as much wax out as i could with a coat hanger, then poured a ton of boiling water through it to get any remaning wax to melt out. i drilled a hole in the base of the candle holder and fashioned a valve and a stem out of a couple aluminum cans. i pulled the rubber pieces of of another hookah of mine, as well as the bowl and hose. found a way to get it all together without using any kind of glue just some electrical tape where the bowl meets the stem. because that wont get hot enough to release fumes and kill me, right? hopefully at least. it smokes really well, but if anyone has suggestions that would help in making it more airtight or anything please let me know. now that i have it assembled for the most part i plan on decking it out for a nice steampunk look, which was my first thought for a hookah and i just happened to be lucky enough to stumble accross the neccessary componets to assemble it. [attachment=3838:steampun...ookahdiy.jpg] What kind of metal is that candlestick made out of ?
  6. QUOTE (bedheadboy @ Jul 13 2009, 12:52 AM) Can you just burn a log and use the coals? Yeah... but putting little coal sized chunks in the oven first so they're all dried out works better. When they're bone dry they last longer.
  7. QUOTE (freeOS @ Jun 19 2009, 10:07 PM) camera is in another city w/ my ol lady... maybe like Tuesday. This just gave me new inspiration to finish the hook I'm building
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