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  1. Watching natgeo, listening to DJ Krush, smoking golden strawberry. Good times.

  2. gunsNhookah

    "Nub" Moves...

    Filled base with water, put it in the freezer and fell asleep. Woke up the next morning, base in 853048758082347572304e947549759 pieces. Sad face. Got new hookah. About a 8 months later, used boiling water to clean the hard to reach places in the base. Tried to pick up base, but it was too hot. Turned on cold water. Sad face. Got new hookah. Happy face.
  3. You use grams, kilos, and coconaras to measure time and amounts.
  4. gunsNhookah

    My New Km!

    Sexy pipe. I too can't wait to join the KM club. Sweet melon is so tasty. I'm smoking the box Sweet Melon, so not as much juice. Mixes well with HHE green apple.
  5. gunsNhookah

    Hookah John Shisha?

    I would expect "that's what she said" to taste like coconut, stawberry, and mint.
  6. gunsNhookah

    Multi Bowls...

    Negative on the multi-head bowls. Let's look at a logical comparison. You don't drink out of two glasses, one with coke, the other with rum. Mix it FTW!
  7. gunsNhookah

    Pin Code! By Coconara

    QUOTE (NIGHTS OF BAGHDAD @ Nov 11 2009, 07:31 PM) QUOTE (gunsNhookah @ Nov 11 2009, 08:22 PM) OfficeMax Push Pins FTMFW!!!! http://www.officemax.com/office-supplies/c...uct-prod2042143 i tryed those, the holes are too small Are you tapping it or are you pushing it all the way in?
  8. gunsNhookah

    Pin Code! By Coconara

    OfficeMax Push Pins FTMFW!!!! http://www.officemax.com/office-supplies/c...uct-prod2042143
  9. Yeah, the local hookah shop has 108 for $12.50. A winner in my book.
  10. gunsNhookah

    Who Believes This Crap?

    I'm trying to figure out who in the world would want my identity or even my credit, lol.
  11. Sad thread, I know. I've never been cheated on before (that I know of) and my girlfriend, whom I've known for 6 years, has never given me a reason to believe that she would cheat on me, until last night. Mods, please excuse my content for this thread. If it's too raw, please delete. Last night, I wanted some sex, so I waited for my girl to fall asleep (she told me to get it after she fell asleep). I "prepared" myself, lubed up, and before I could get in the va j j, she says "no, put it in my ass". Yes, I know, the butt, the very special place of my fanstasy. I LOVE anal sex, it's the sex! But, I wanted some va j j. She always denies me butt, so I settle for va j j. But this time the tables were turned on me. It was weird, it shocked the hell outta me. Then it dawned on me, on Sat, I was chillin with my bro-ham (brother) at my dad's, after we left the hookah lounge, we returned to my dad's house, then I called her up. She said not to come home and I should chill out with my bro-ham. I love my girl, I want to be around her ALL THE FREAKIN TIME, but she advised me to stay at my dad's. She reasoned that I really don't see my brother often and that I should take the time to chill with him. As much as I love hangin with my bro-ham, I wanted to come home for cuddle time. She advised that I stay at my dad's. I stayed. Then last night, she offered anal pleasure instead of va j j awesomeness. Yeah, I did her in the butt, but I still have lingering thoughts that she cheated. I have zero evidence, except for my logic and feelings. Am I wrong to even doubt our commitment to each other, or should I speak up and demand answers? I have no one else to talk to about this situation, so I turn to my e-hookah family. Any wisdom will be much appreciated. Dan
  12. gunsNhookah

    Favorite Smoking Tricks

    Smoke rings for the most part. I try to get as many rings in the air as possible. So far highest I've got was 4.
  13. gunsNhookah

    Id Like Your Experience With These

    I got a blue nammor. Had it for about 3 months. Have a very tiny water leak when I wash it at the end of the handle, but it doesn't leak smoke. I wash it every so often. It's a great hose.
  14. Sounds like a living hell this guy. First off, NO PHYSICAL CONTACT. Shit won't go according to plan, and you might go to jail. Not worth it. Easiest way to get rid of a paying guest, is to make rules he can't live with. If guy is paying rent, up that shit. Do a contract stipulating the rules and such. Very easy, your house, your rules. If he can't afford paying, 30 days notice, then GTFO. Get your locks changed and/or get a lock for your door. Sounds like the guy is very vindictive. Take no chances. OR If you got money like that, get yourself some nanny cams. Catch the tool red handed and kick his ass out.