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  1. In my one experience of Hookahhookah, they had these nice screw on jars, with the tobacco inside the jar in a resealable bags (you call them ziplocks I believe) I found that packaging fantastic.
  2. I haven't tried the standard bowl yet. I like the 'exciting colours' part. Thought I'd go for a pink one for the hell of it. The best shishas I've had were using wider bowls, so this one looks promising. The Tangiers tobacco worked very well in the funnel bowl. Will try some fakher in the standard bowl.
  3. King Mo

    Prejudice at IHOP

    [quote name='Johnny_D'][quote name='King Mo']Funny story, I went with a friend of mine to the beach. Believe it or not, some places in the UK have beaches!!!   It's a place called Margate, <SNIPPED>.[/quote] You smoked Shisha on Margate beach? Damn King! Margate is in Kent, which is often known as the 'garden of england' and the Kentonians are a bloody odd breed at the best of times! I'm surprised you didn't get Lynched Mo! Good work though JD[/quote] Mostly the 'laddish' types were ok with it. but it did cause alot of attention. There was this heatwave a couple of years back so we thought, lets do shisha on the beach. I must say though, the fish and chips there wasn't anything too special. I thought a coastal traditional place may be worth it. If a lynch-mob did chase me, well ,I can run pretty fast
  4. King Mo

    One liners

    Did you hear about the Irish guy who tried to iron his curtains?? He fell out of the window.
  5. King Mo

    American Beverages/Confectionary

    [quote name='worr lord']Lol, do you like Baby Ruth bars?[/quote] nah, we don't have them here. Tried them when I was in the states but wasn't really special. It was just the paydays that I found really different and there is nothing like it here. Also things like Rootbeer I used to like, and Mountain Dew. Although Homer Simpson prefers Crab Juice to Mountain Dew.
  6. King Mo

    American Beverages/Confectionary

    Yea, I don't think Americans appreciate them enough!! I get them from sites that import from the states. It's damn costly too It's just really different.
  7. King Mo

    American Beverages/Confectionary

    Cadburys is the British equivalent of Hersheys. It is also designed to bring chocolate to the masses. It's just that most relatives in the States ask us to send them boxes of the stuff because it tastes much better. Even other Chocolates like Kit-Kat for example taste better here. The only exception for me is Payday which is fantastic.
  8. Incidentally, I got a standard bowl as well. After using the funnel bowl, is it worth using the standard tangiers bowl or is it essentially quite similar? p.s., the hole pattern I used was simply a hole in the middle, and a good amount of holes around above the 'tobacco reservoir' section. I use pins for the holes, with the middle hole a little bit wider.
  9. Tangiers reviews using the funnel bowl [b]Tangiers Kashmir Peach.[/b] This was a pretty funky flavour indeed. Smell/look : The smell on this was not what I expected. I found the peach fragrance was pretty lower than what I thought it would be. It did seem appealing though and the look was the same as the previous flavour I tried (it all looks the same) Smoke: Smoke was fantastic on this one, nice smooth and got going very quickly indeed. Heat management was easy on the big funnel bowl, and as a result was pretty comfortable. Flavour: The flavour was similar to an Indian incense stick. It was unlike anything I've tried before, and I could just about make out the peach. Other peaches I've tried were nice, but it's not my ideal flavour, so the lack of a very peachy taste was pretty welcome. The incense type flavour kept me interested but didn't rock me enough to want to make a repeat of this flavour. If you like something with an eastern feel and a incense type experience, this is certainly a very strong tobacco conclusions: Great flavour strength and smoke density. It lasted as long as I usually have a session for (1-2 hours) and is very strong indeed. If you are an unexperienced smoker, you may well get a buzz after 3 or 4 puffs! Not my particular taste, but cannot deny the quality: [b]8.5[/b] [b]Tangiers melon blend[/b]: smell/look: Same as the other one in terms of looks, no need to describe it, but the smell was quite strong indeed. A bit like smelling fumari watermelon or flavours which you can smell and feel in your throat by the aroma alone. Smoke: Lots of smoke, but perhaps not as smooth as the Kashmir peach. This one required slightly less heat when it got going. Flavour: The flavour is almost sickly sweet. A little like having a melon blend candy floss if such a thing existed. So sweet it felt like my teeth were decaying. I could feel the strength of the flavour in my throat and it kept this up for a good few minutes before it settled to something smoother. You can definately tell it's melon and the flavour was definately similar to the smell. Conclusion: This is a very sweet flavour that is almost overwhelming in its almost sickly sweetness. After a few minutes of smoking this does settle down and is what I would describe as a high quality smoke with a solid flavour. The flavour I feel is too intense in its sweetness, resulting in a not so comfortable experience initially, to a decent one after a few minutes. [b]7[/b] After the intial problems with Green apple, I found these flavours to indicate that Tangiers is a solid tobacco, with some unique attributes. I was impressed at the purity of these flavours and it was almost effortless getting them going. I may well have to get a couple more flavours. If I find one to my taste, this could well become a regular smoke. The strength is quite noticeable though and certainly if I have a head of either flavour, I won't feel like another Shisha that day.
  10. [quote name='Erica'][img]http://i109.photobucket.com/albums/n69/ooocharmsooo/Smoke/slh162.jpg[/img] Yep, my friends and I tend to use only three quarters of the jap coals![/quote] Thanks for the pic, I used that in my initial smoke and found the session excellent.
  11. King Mo

    Show Your Hookah Room

    If anyone goes to Egypt, try Sharm El Sheikh (Na'ma Bay) with wonderful outdoor Shisha cafes. Where you can lie and enjoy a nice night-time shisha. The nakhla there is pretty fresh and decent, but not of premium standards, but the weather and atmosphere is phenomenal.
  12. as a slight update, using 3 jap coals works much better than a single 3 kings disc. I think it was the member Erica who posted a diagram of this. Definately a huge difference.
  13. If I was to rank those brands, I would add fakher to the mix 1) Fakher 2) Havana - Al amir (depending on flavours) 3) Layalina (I've tried 2 flavours only, but they were very poor, will try a third this week) Most important thing, is to have dedicated hoses to flavours (either 1 per flavour, or per very similar group of flavours). Things like Mint, Citrus, Coffee, liquorice all can leave nasty tastes in the hose. Also, cleaning the shishas themselves religiously (using the scrubbing long brushes in the pipe) is vital. Best Shisha cafe here gets their cheap labour to clean every pipe every day in the morning. The only downside is this place has the decor of a patio.
  14. It is great stuff. The big fights go on Youtube for the day afterwards before the copyright people remove them Also, if you download torrents, the events are always available a couple of days later.
  15. Hmm, store Fakher in airtight containers, don't leave that stuff exposed to air. I'd certainly mix it up so you get some juicy tobacco in the head. It should be a sweet creamy strawberry taste. Very similar to Havana strawberry which tastes similar, but doesn't last as long. try breaking the disk in half or into 3, and spread more evenly around the bowl perimeter. I don't like strawberry myself, but Fakher is the best strawberry I have tried. The next point may be irrelevent, but I hope it's original faker. I like to buy fakher in 50g batches as you tend to get a nice fresh smoke as it can go off if exposed to air too much. It really affects the taste.