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  1. Hey, so we got Tangiers (blueberry, schnoz, watermelon) in May. very, very weak flavour, no buzz whatsoever (which is a sure sign that something was wrong lol) we were okay with heat management, but the flavour was not good. it was acclimated for about 10 hour before the first smoke, but even weeks later it only improved slightly. here's what i think the problem was, we're in Ontario,Canada, May is still very cool/cold and dry. We were thinking of ordering some more in August when the weather is actually hot and muggy here, do you think the hot weather will help? thanks. edit: it was regular tangiers line, not lucid or f-line
  2. QUOTE (Frankay @ Jun 10 2009, 09:10 PM) Nice thanks guys In a funnel, the shisha can touch the foil, or ?! I usually smoke double apple from Nahkla I get a 250gr for 10$ CAD here so ! whaaat, 250g for 10 bucks? are you in toronto, i have to pay like 30 for that much, where can i get it for 10??