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  1. Genie

    No Taste - Why?

    I'm personally not a fan of Nakhla's fruit flavors, I've never found them sweet or flavorful. How did the Rose taste to you, just wondering if you could taste the rose or if it also had no flavor. You might be happier with Al Fakher, if you can find it. Or perhaps some of the Mizo Nakhla, I hear Nakhla Mizo Guava is pretty much to die for. Do you buy your shisha locally or do you order it online? I know there's a way to make sure you're getting real Nakhla and not counterfeit Nakhla, that might be part of your problem, depends on where you're ordering it from. I am sure someone here can tell you how to check the packaging to be sure.
  2. Genie

    Kms, Mzs, Mya, Hoses And Jet Phunnel

    You're killing me, I want that bowl DESPERATELY. Just can't justify the cost. But, man, it's tempting. I've been wanting a bowl like that for a few years now. It must be heart wrenching to have to sell all this off.
  3. [quote name='Cloud9' timestamp='1296163276' post='495910'] Just bought a large Nammor hose. Can't wait to see how it works. Thanks everyone [/quote] Woot! Can't imagine that you won't love it.
  4. Gotta throw in my NuHose love here. I have a couple of Nammors and a Razan but use my NuHoses almost exclusively. [b]A good hose makes a huge difference and is totally worth the investment.[/b] I totally agree with Incubus' reccomendations on washable hoses, I just think NuHose should have been added to the washable hose list. I like my non-washable KM hose well enough, I just don't like that I can't wash it so I don't use it often. I connect two NuHoses, by the way, they're a little too short. But I love that I can soak the entire hose in the sink if I want to, that I don't have to use a funnel to clean it, that I never have to worry about melting or harming the glue inside the handle (both my Nammors leak when I put water in them, the brand new one worse than the old one!), and that I don't have to worry about protecting the outside of the hose. I could go on and on, actually, but I'm going to force myself to stop because my NuHose love is more than a little off-topic. My answer to your question is in bold in my first sentence and that's all you asked.
  5. [quote name='Skoozle' timestamp='1296138449' post='495865'] Yes, I was being facetious. [/quote] Good.
  6. Genie

    Need An Update

    Welcome back, sounds like people are answering your questions pretty thoroughly. Lots of Coco coal fans here, then there's the CH natural coal die-hards. Me, I can't live without Shishaco natural finger coals but few agree with me, though I have made a couple of coverts. I'd just rather spend the bulk of my money on shisha and they're [b]really good [/b]coals at less than $4 a kilo and so they have my loyalty. Nazaar Hookah just came out with their own version of natural coals that are practically identical to the eye to Coconaras and CH naturals that I have tried, they're pretty good. Exoticas have a great natural coal that you can often pick up for $5-$7 a kilo, awesome deal when you can find it. Hope your stockpile of AF and Tang is still happy and ready for smoking! So far, I've never had shisha get too old to smoke... so far. Fingers crossed my dusty old box of Nakhla Arabian Coffee is still good when I finally get around to opening it, it's at least two years old, if not three by now.
  7. [quote name='Skoozle' timestamp='1296088105' post='495802'] Freeze your wet paper towels after you get it all connected. [/quote] Seriously? I'd be worried that would weaken its ability to seal well around the ice hose tip. Don't think I should need to do that, sounds like overkill. Why do you think, this should be done?
  8. [quote name='r1v3th3ad' timestamp='1296084498' post='495797'] thx weighs a few pounds frozen if you were to do that(good idea), would need grommets/gaskets for both sides connecting, or at least the mouth side(smaller) [/quote] Oh my gosh that's heavy! Oh, yeah, I've got grommets to spare, I know I could make it work. If all else failed, I'd tape the connections. Or use wet paper towel, I know how you guys love wet paper towel.
  9. Cool review! You hit all the important points and left no questions that I could think of unanswered except, maybe, just how much does the thing weigh? It does look insanely cumbersome, but now I want to inhale some frozen vapor! Hmmm... just occurred to me, I smoke w/two connected NuHoses. It would be easy to place this gizmo between two NuHoses, letting the (what's it called?) um, thing, lay on the floor, and then I wouldn't have to deal with holding it up and I'd still get the nice cool smoke.
  10. I can see it being a useful accessory, it just looks too cumbersome. I love to run water through my NuHoses, barely shake out the excess, and let them sit in the freezer for a few hours--wow! It does the most interesting things to the smoke.
  11. [quote name='Travis' timestamp='1295999277' post='495725'] [quote name='Genie' timestamp='1295997052' post='495722'] [quote name='Travis' timestamp='1295996740' post='495721'] Ladies? [/quote] What? [/quote] Inside joke? [/quote] How would I know, you started it. I'm a lady, what do you want?
  12. [quote name='Travis' timestamp='1295996740' post='495721'] Ladies? [/quote] What?
  13. [quote name='r1v3th3ad' timestamp='1295993335' post='495710'] video shot, a friend is editing it now, should be up by tonight [/quote] Looking forward to watching it!
  14. I don't know about QT's, but my Mya Bambino is actually kind of a pain to clean--maybe because the top part of the downstem is so hard to unscrew, I don't know. And o-rings are always flying off of it. For whatever reason, my Mya Mozza is actually easier to clean than the Bambino--and her o-rings stay put! However, I have a 31" KM (31" once it is set into the nearly foot tall vase) and I find it very easy to clean. If the stem were much longer it would be a pain to rinse out. Because of the wide bore it's actually easier to get a stem brush into the KM than it is into the Mya downstems--at least in my opinion. Even the Mya stem brushes are a tight fit in a Mya stem. I believe on most Egyptian hookahs you'd be dealing with downstems that are straight tubes and easy enough to clean unless they are very tall. More than one owner of a monster Egyptian has to clean their stem in the bathtub. Personally, I'd never want a hookah that was taller than about, well, 31". I knew exactly what I wanted when I bought my KM. I can offer no opinion on a Nammor hookah, but KM's rock. There are so many great hookahs out there to choose from, and you're about to hear all about them.