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    Hello everyone, I have been a member for a while but only lurking the forums. I have a couple of MZ pipes and a generic Egyptian brass one as well. Favorite Moassel is Nakhla. By nature I am a pretty calm person and I credit most of that to using the Hookah. I find it a very relaxing way to end the day after everything is done. I am also a writer and the editor for Hookah Connoisseur Ezine. Check it out some time. We carry stories from around the world, reviews and interviews with Vendors and Forum operators and Owners. All types of articles. (We are also always welcoming reader submissions and comments)
  2. Arizona Smokers Az

    Tucson AZ.
  3. I can honestly say that Deadlegend needs to grow up. He got banned from the other forum for the NHT postings and he was warned ahead of time. He was argumentatice and when proven wrong he just mad another post somewhere else. As for the hookah, yeah you got SCREWED. But that helps to show me who and what you are. You were given advice on what to buy on other forums but still bought a Chinese piece of crap. What did you buy to smoke in it SOEX? How about your coals, Kingsford maybe? Sorry guys I am usually not like this but I can tell you this guy does not need to be on any REAL Hookah forum. Wannabe Nikki Sixx.
  4. Favorite Mix Review

    1/3 AF Mango 1/3 AF Pineapple 1/3 AF Banana Makes a great tropical flavor.
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    General pics