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  1. blendertimebud

    Brambleberry Problems

    well i packed a bowl of k peach and it was great i used a havanna phunnel and it worked nice but the smell of that brambleberry wasn't working for me and i decided against it
  2. blendertimebud

    Brambleberry Problems

    i will try again tonight and get back to you guys my vortex bowl is kinda on the smaller side but thats why i like using it i know vortex's arent perfect but i figured its better than using an egyptian bowl for smoking tangiers
  3. Can anyone help me im packing tangiers in a small vortex bowl cuz my phunnle is just way too large and i can never get that to work right. so the other night i packed a bowl of k peach and it was absolutely wonderful great smoke i used 2 coconoras and the bowl lasted forever then the next day i packed one of brambleberry and it tasted hot and almost peppery am i doing something wrong? or whats the deal this is my first tangiers order and i also have apple f line i still haven't tried.
  4. did it hurt when tangiers fell from heaven

  5. blendertimebud

    Fall Smoking

    so its been a while since i have posted anything but im kinda curious if anyone knows any good or decent fall flavors like pumpkin spice or cranberry hell even eggnog i would even kill for a nice apple spice flavor
  6. blendertimebud

    Do You Need Coals?

    i was just at that hookah bar in the twin cities i never seen so much af stuff in my life. too bad my server guy was on something or he just wasnt right in the head
  7. blendertimebud

    Mn Hookah Unresponsive?

    born and bred in big lake then i moved to saint cloud
  8. blendertimebud

    School Loan

    thanks for all your replies guys do you think tangiers will work in minnesota cuz i would hate to order some and have it not work and i think i might get the free one from hs and ps all my school is paid for i just took out an extra loan for little things
  9. blendertimebud

    Mn Hookah Unresponsive?

    i live in Minnesota also and asked the same question but no luck where do you live buddy?
  10. blendertimebud

    School Loan

    there are just so many hookah choices i actually steal my sisters mya qt all the time and smoke out of it and she gets all pissy so i think its time i get my own single person hookah
  11. blendertimebud

    School Loan

    so im getting my school loan in a few weeks and i wanted you folks to give me your input on some tobacco and maybe a new hose and even a hookah like whats my best choices at my budget of about 100 bucks all together
  12. blendertimebud

    Massive Picture Thread

    whats your tattoo mean and say?
  13. blendertimebud

    Research And Experience

    just shut up and ...
  14. blendertimebud

    Grrr To Coco Nara Problem

    im serious the microwave works use a microwave safe bowl though but if they spark up dont get worried i saw this shit on youtube and i do it so it works
  15. blendertimebud

    Grrr To Coco Nara Problem

    throw them in the microwave for 90 secs