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  1. Use 1 Coal On Any Normal Bowl

    a paperclip in the bowl? how could that make any difference :S
  2. Use 1 Coal On Any Normal Bowl

    why do u put tinfoil directly on top of the candle holder?
  3. Coconara's 84pcs Boxes In Toronto $15

    anymore for salee?
  4. Ft: Shishaco Coals

    how much $$$ for the coals then?
  5. i want the small phunnel!
  6. Ft: Shishaco Coals

    200g of nahkla sweet melon for the coals?
  7. 2 Hookahs For Sale

    where are u located?
  8. Sinbad Shisha

    where : don't know exact address, but its on Bank St. near billings bridge mall on top of the Mongolian Hot Pot Restaraunt serving : HUGE heads of al fahker, with basically every flavour available hookahs : KM hookahs, KM hoses, 2 thumbs up price : $12 a head, served with unlimited 3kings coals other : patio, tables inside, cards, board games, baklava and others sweets, non-alcoholic refreshments, tea overall : 8.5/10, a bit small inside, and patio is only good for so long in Ottawa, definetly something too check out though
  9. how does your shipping too canada work?
  10. Another Video...

    apple orgy? im curious, whats in it!
  11. How Much...

    $10 per bowl of AF
  12. is there any legit shisha bars in GTA serving AF or anything real?
  13. anybody make online orders only too get raped by shipping? into canada or any other country? how much shisha / how much duty and how often have you gotten hit? I've made about 5 orders and thankfully havent gotten hit but I just made one and am cringing at the idea of getting a ridiculous triple digit duty bill