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  1. HR (Williamsburg) and Farmville, VA
  2. MilqueToast

    Hookahs And Stuff

    Hookahs and Stuff
  3. recently: GTA 4 and zombies at my neighbors. I just finished bioshock, and it was a great game...a little easy though, and the ending sucked big time.
  4. i am bordering on obsessed with that show. fox sucks for canceling it and leaving so many things unanswered.
  5. Tangiers -Magnolia -Kashmir -Marigold Al Ajamy -Strawberry -Mixed Fruit -Mint Al Waha No thanks, I'm good. >.< Al Fakher -Mint -White Grape (RIP) -Mixed Berry Al Amir I'll pass. Nakhla -Jasmine -Melon -Zaghloul Starbuzz -White Peach -Irish Cream -Social Smoke Custom Blend Havana -Apricot -Banana and Honey -Coconut Afzal -Blueberry -Watermelon -Strawberry Layalina -Eskandarani Apple -Mint -Melon Fusion -Papaya -Cactus Pear Hookah Hookah -Butterscotch -Orange Juice Soex -Strawberry -Watermelon
  6. I'm going to have to say either AF Mint or Al Ajamy Strawberry. I never get tired of either.
  7. Layalina Esk. Apple Layalina Mint Havana Apricot AF White Grape Al Ajamy Double Apple
  8. Aside from Tangiers yum-factor...your results...you desire to repeat them? Anyone else think that's off?
  9. Layalina Blue Berry is my favourite, and it's especially tasty mixed with Layalina Pear.
  10. [quote name='MN Hookah']I feel so alone on questioning this?  Or am I the only one?[/quote] Nope. I question its legitimacy too, Scotty.
  11. [quote name='Sonthert'][quote name='MilqueToast']I advise using the search utility. >.<[/quote] Mushy II! [/quote] Indeed. Mushy and I are search-function Nazis together! No mercy.
  12. [quote name='DizzyGuy']Yeah, she must mean that the break easy by mishandling... because Pyrex is what they use in labs in the beakers and such, and I'm pretty sure that they put them through alot more hell than we would[/quote] To clarify: I wasn't saying that they crack due to heat changes. I am a bit clumsy when cleaning sometimes, and my bowls often fall the short distance from my hands to the sink (yea, my fault), and my ceramic/ clay bowls never break. The pyrex ones always do. Pyrex is used for cooking and in very heat-crucial situations because of it's durability. They are just more awkward for my clumsy hands. Sorry for the confusion.
  13. [quote name='SanguineSolitude']ill have to take your word for it[/quote] It was funnier when George Carlin said it...
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