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  1. [quote name='nd4snd' date='25 October 2009 - 03:51 PM' timestamp='1256507518' post='420886'] Guess I need to start posting more... lol [/quote] dido on that one
  2. hookahthis

    Time To Meet Everyone

    [quote name='KeepItSimple' date='11 March 2010 - 12:17 PM' timestamp='1268335076' post='456570'] The reviews are a great part of the forum I'm stoked he takes the time to do so many. [/quote] +1 on that one for sure
  3. hookahthis

    Starbuzz Pnp

    [quote name='chinamon' date='06 March 2010 - 06:09 PM' timestamp='1267924140' post='455656'] [quote name='KeepItSimple' date='06 March 2010 - 09:53 AM' timestamp='1267869210' post='455578'] Thats kinda cool, good for beginners i guess, I bet it only fits their bowl though, from their new hookah line [/quote] looks a lot like a mya bowl to me. [/quote] to me too
  4. hookahthis

    Pugs Hate Kms

    actually he must love it if he decided its his property now
  5. hookahthis

    First Tangiers Experience

    tonight was my first time smoking tangiers as well i went with lucid horchata i dont know if i didn't let it acclimate long enough but it just wasn't very flavorfull... i let it sit out for about two hours and stirred it about every half hour it smelled really good and the taste was very close but just not very strong... i let it sit out another three hours so maybe next time it will be better...?
  6. hookahthis

    Fundraising Ideas

    i hear the adult industry is paying well these days... just kidding man. good luck with the raising of moneys
  7. is going to smoke a bunch tonight and tomorrow for all those poor souls who can't smoke right now

  8. [quote name='ghosth00k' date='05 March 2010 - 05:19 PM' timestamp='1267834769' post='455485'] I only keep starbuzz blue mist and mint in my permanent inventory. [/quote] +1 on the blue mist
  9. hey man got the order in today hit me up with your address and i'll send out that sample tomorrow.

  10. just got my order in today! SB> blue mist x 250 > peaches and cream x 100 > caramel machiato x 100 > pina colada x 100 > pomberry x 100 > tropical fruit x 100 Social smoke> tigersblood x 100 > gangster x 100 >potion #9 x 100 Tangiers> horchata x 250 > watermelon x 250 Coco's 108 pieces x 2 and one brand new phunnel bowl
  11. hookahthis

    "Nub" Moves...

    well i'm glad i'm not the only one to forget to put water in base. but i once tried to light a coco with a torch while holding the coal with tongs needless to say burned like hell before coal was eve close to lit. lesson learned
  12. what hookah is that your smokin there? that thing is beautiful.

  13. hookahthis

    Fumo POD Hookah

    really wanna buy one let me know when and how much!!
  14. hookahthis

    Just Found You Guys....

    welcome to the neighborhood
  15. at least you can pull the shaved head look off. good job man.