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  1. 4 layers of foil might be a little extream, 2 should be plenty and ...I dont even know about the kaloud loutus thing.....probobly should just ditch that thing first of all
  2. I might be interested in something, whats still available?
  3. welcome to HF, hope you learn some new stuff and share as much. Some interesting info here, great to check into different tobaccos and all that .
  4. that's right, dust of the old brass, its time to smoke some tobacco , stay tuned, I have to order new hoses and coals, and tobacco, glorious tobacco in many exotic flavors.
  5. i get zero satisfaction from Vape...its just easy and convenient... cant wait to make an order from H1 for some of that Moassel Kass Al Kawkab$4.00Add to Wish Listand
  6. been vape all winter, sucks, bored of it, been traveling and it works much better for that,,,but I'm currently spending the next few nights in Las Vegas and going to get me some hookah lounge action going, have not smoked hookah in like 5 months
  7. see you were talking about Kashmir flavor   maybe this would be close https://www.luxurylites.com/index.php/paan-massala-e-juice.html   or better would be to get from india, one of these gotta be close   http://moratic.in/index.php?route=product/category&path=62_63   I also would like to get some kashmir flav   I want DM flavored juices
  8. with the atlantis 20w-40w  depending on juice and mood   the turbo 30w-50w depending on juice and mood   I have fired the Turbo at 100w and 150w  just for Shits and giggles,,, its double 1.8 double coils  so a .9 quad coil build  for a tank and holds a ton of juice....its actually realistic to vape at these wattages with the turbo, you have to hit it hard to keep it from getting too hot , but it will produce amazing everything if you hit it right at these high watts...but for the most part everything no need to go over 50w.
  9. yup, I'm fully into this vape thing now, picked up a nautalis atlantis and a IPV 3 150w  ....setup is pretty sick
  10. yeah , digging on the vape thing..   went out and bought a kanger turbo tank and a mutant mech mod....sits perfectly flush on that mod...looks clean and slick...   that should be it for my vaping needs for a good while...   I suppose I could get a pic of the set up
  11. I won't give up on nargiles, I'm going on the road life style again and traveling on the super light. no room for the nargiles, they are packed up already for storage. and will be in storage untill summer.   don't think I'll have anyway to have nargile until then...so I give this vape thing a try, and I dig it...but I will say its only 50% as satisfying as a nargile session....but the push button satisfaction and zero clean and instant gratification is pretty epic in itself
  12. I dig the jager bomb a lot aswell   there redbull flavor was pretty good also
  13. my local shop  , not sure how they compare untill I try others , but seems pretty good for a local option   the mt baker place looks really good, when I'm ready to order online , I'll give it a shot   I bet you can custom flavors with them pretty easy.   http://www.liquivapeus.com/
  14. not sure lots of equipment to look at and figure out.   but for me $1.50 ever 2-4 weeks seems pretty cheap, considering how much I could burn through hookah stuffs, the ejuice is cheap as f also...   I dont think I mind buying the pre builds, not a big deal to me...I'm going for ultra simple, ultra easy   digging this green apple mint/menthol stuff, this is an alday vape flavor for me,,,dead on to nak apple ice...gotta get a big bottle of this stuff
  15. I dno't know , seems like they make some serious stock tanks or clearomizers now,  like those turbo quad coil deals....seems like one of those would be suffeciant   think I'll pick up one of those with a big digital battery mod thing,.. call it done...
  16. dont think I want to get into the mech mods and building my own stuff, I'm into the easy button.   I don't want to do shit but push a button
  17. not sure if I'd call it the dark side   while I don't find it as enjoyable as hookah, its just so fuking easy   just push the easy button     I did find a paan masala e juice on line, I need that shit
  18. had to pack up my nargiles for awhile, thought I'd give this vaping thing a try.   stoped into my local shop, first time in a vape store, shit this thing blew up in a hurry, had no idea e-cigs had evolved into this new vap thing, its pretty high tech shit.   tried out a few flavs, really liked it, asked lots of questions and got lots of answers.   ended up buying a spinner 2 variable battery and a kanger tech aero tank mini   local shop makes all there own juices and from the looks of the shop seems pretty quality and well done by the setups they had   bought these flavors   green apple mint-- dead ringer for nak apple ice clove--its clove coconut--i like it jager bomb-- pretty good, closest thing to a DA I could find there, taste like afzal red toro with anise thrown in dark roast coffee--coffee flavor I like coffee   they do a nic level system from 0-25  I picked lucky 7 as a starting point, its enough I know its there, needed a starting point, might try some stronger next time   the vaping thing is pretty good, not sure if it will take over my other tobacco habits, but I can see this replacing my tobacco habits say 95% of the time, its just so fuking easy to use and enjoyable
  19. true, but these are not really fruit flavors   they do good with pan and spice flavs and the apple flavs are pretty good, no idea how they are on grape
  20. noticed some new afzal flavos on h1, some sound pretty promising,  afzal is a brand with real hit or miss flavs, most are kind of ehh but the few hits are true top tier flavors   new flavs   pan grape tango pan masala supreame pan apple splash chocofusion crush ice minty grape
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