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  1. Hookah Diffuser

    i just drilled holes directly into the bottom of my stem. works fine.
  2. My Own Hhh

    QUOTE (nicayotte @ Oct 17 2007, 06:07 PM) WHy are you so worried about health when what we are doing is smoking..... do you also advocate the use of bbq briquettes for hookah charcoal? that's like telling boxers to get rid of mouth guards and gloves. why are they so worried about losing their teeth and breaking their hands when what they're doing is fighting.......
  3. QUOTE (camelflage @ Oct 17 2007, 05:15 PM) my opinion: SB vanilla, HH vanilla, and AW vanilla. in that order. ewww. HH vanilla wasn't my favorite flavor. i thought it tasted alot like soap or lotion.....
  4. i'm pretty jealous of all of you guys.
  5. My Own Hhh

    please guys, no more copper in your hookahs. have some reguard for your own safety.
  6. How To Make Your Own Flavors!

    any good results?
  7. Has This Happened To You?

    isn't a pharaohs pretty well known for giving a pretty generous buzz? you might want to try a washed brand of tobacco when you do solo sessions.
  8. Hookah Hookah Tobbaco

    i've smoked a bunch of HH tobacco. orange and melon were probably the two best flavors. Pineapple tasted more like a fruit punch flavor, grape flat out had no flavor, apple was weak, jamaican rum was gross, menthol was gross, and strawberry was ok.
  9. Shisha Test.

    what the heck, how could i have missed a chance at free tobacco?
  10. guava flavors

    fumari guava is really really good. i'd give that a shot if i were you.
  11. it's only good for about 30 minutes and then the flavor dies off completey. plus the smoke looks more grey than it does white. because of it's cut, when it burns it really burns. very harsh.
  12. i got mine yesterday! the banana and coconut were good. i was especially impressed with the banana. i don't know if i'm brave enough to try the rose on it's own. i might have to mix it with something. thanks again. my friend and i have a big order from social smoke comming soon, i'll be sure to hook you up with some stuff.
  13. BEST bluberry alive?

    QUOTE (donetodeath)Fumari blueberry is amazing... definitely one of their sweetest, and strongest flavors.  Luckily i stocked up when it wasnt as expensive. i'm gonna have to disagree here. the fumari blueberry i had kind of had a chemical scratch'n sniff sticker taste to it. i wasn't impressed.
  14. Cleaning your hookah

    i always soak things in baking soda and hot water after i scrub them down. gets rid of pretty much every smell.