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  1. ImThaBean

    Where To Get Glycerin

    Best place to get glycerin is at a health food store. I founds some at Rite Aid but it said nothing about healthy to consume and was 95% glycerin with 5% filler. whereas the glycerin from the health food store says it is 100% vegetable glycerin and can be used as a sweetener. It has a odd but sweet taste (hey I had to try). *edit* Here is the link for the glycerin I have.
  2. ImThaBean

    Concept Shisha Flavors

    If you really want Jager flavor I'll give you my jar of AF Two Apple. It tastes wonderful
  3. You will dig the SB Blue mist. It is intense... you taste 2 different flavors. It's nice. I have tried doing a mix of the blue mist and Romman blueberry. Nom Nom
  4. ImThaBean

    Smallest Bowl?

    That loos like the boel that came on my bambino. The 33mm Golden coals almost swallow the entire surface of the bowl.
  5. QUOTE (Lunatic768 @ Jun 18 2009, 04:58 PM) i'd think the price would be a tad steep for a hookah bar.... right? tho by the case it might be better i don't know I got the recommendation to use them from my local bar. Before that I was trying different brand QL's and Natural coal. So much money wasted on that experimentation process.
  6. No love for the Coconara's Mushy? I have yet to have 1 single bad experience with them. save for the time a friend put 2 coals on a mini bowl and it toasted the shisha. Luckily I was busy and couldn't smoke all but one draw.
  7. Romman is my and my friends go-to brand. Granted we are amateurs and locally we can only get SB, Layalina, Fantasia, and Al Fakher. I still need to give Tangiers a go with a phunnel. *currently smoking Romman cocktail through my Bday present, the Bambino. It's all Hawaiian punch.
  8. You have me tempted now to make a longer down stem for my colossus. Just need to figure out the thread so I can buy a die.
  9. ImThaBean

    Flame & Skewers Hookah Lounge

    Quick update, went to F&S last night. they use a few different style KM's. I need to get friendly with the lounge works, I need to know how they pack their bowls. The draw is smooth and you get thick smoke. I need to work on my technique.
  10. ImThaBean

    Shisha Containers

    Dollar Tree glass jars with seal I found these jars at a Dollar Tree store. They hold 250g of shish (up to rim) and stay sealed with a rubber grommet. They are really nice and a cool way of showing off your bounty. Can't go wrong with these, and they were only a buck!
  11. ImThaBean

    Shisha Containers

    Gladware brand interlocking lid containers. 1/2 cup capacity and come in a 8 pack They were about 4 bucks at Target. These little bad boys are good for sampling new shisha. they hold up to 100g of shisha. I use em when I buy 50g packs of shisha to test different flavors of shisha.
  12. ImThaBean

    Flame & Skewers Hookah Lounge

    This was my first real introduction to Hookah. It's a Mediterranean restaurant that has a patio area for smoking. the atmosphere is real chill and the ambient music really sets the mood. The patio sits along a main street but it is fairly calm so you can chill and smoke while you people watch and have a good meal. Hookah: 5/5 I haven't asked what kind of hookah's they use but they use Nammor hoses, SB shisha, and Coconara coals. Service (lounge): 4/5 they are really good about keeping track of coals and asking if everything is going good, but sometimes they get really busy which can be a downer if you want more heat or a shisha refill. Food: 5/5 I simply love the food there. It's set like a fast food joint versus a traditional restaurant. the kabob's are AWESOME. Price: 5/5 The food is well worth the money and the hookah's are $12.99 with refill's at 4.99. I am glad it's still open, it's a cool place to hang out at and it's pretty close to my place. We've had several lounges before but they ddn't make it. This is a ULTRA conservative city and they don't like things that are different. Plus rumor has it, the other lounges allowed patrons to use the hookah's for alternative use. Not cool.
  13. ImThaBean

    Southern California Smokers So-cal

    Were's the love for the CenCal folks. 661 Bakersfield...
  14. ImThaBean

    Northern California Smokers Nor-cal

    Were's the love for the CenCal folks. 661 Bakersfield...
  15. ImThaBean

    Another Noob

    Hey guys and girls. Long time lurker, first time poster. Just thought I'd share with you my Hookahs. My first hookah was a Starbuzz Mini in gunmetal and then I stepped up to a Mya Colossus triple hose in red. I bought the SB mini to see if I would get into smoking a hookah, and well, it's as big as the Mya vase. Bowls: SB mini bowl, Mya, and a Ultimate combo bowl. Planning on getting a phunnel in the near future. Hoses: 3 of the matching Mya hoses that came with the hookah Blue Nammor washable w/ velvet cover Black Mya "Ninja" long handle - My precious - Shisha: Various Romman and Al Fakher flavors Waiting to try Tangiers....... Coal: Coconara's are my coal of choice but have been wanting to experiment. They are heated on the white Electric burner from Walgreens. This site has been helpful so far. Let's keep up the good work. http://www.hookah-shisha.com/store/pc/conf...;idproduct=1574