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  1. HookahHoff

    Painting Vases

    I got a really nice hookah, and it is all hand painted. but some of the paint is rubbing off! what kind of paint would I use to put more paint on it, and still have it be see threw? someone said nail polish? any ideas?
  2. Im new to hookah and have a few questions about hookah that I wanna get down before I start taking care of my own. 1) is there any particular way to pack the bowl? 2) how do I know when the bowl is done? 3) where should the coal go on the top, middle or edge? 4) i got a brush to clean my hookah, any other tips?
  3. HookahHoff

    Indiana Smokers In

    South Bend
  4. HookahHoff

    New To Forum

    Hey guys, my name is Steve. I've smoked hookah a handful and times and really liked it, so I'm getting my own. What do you guys think? http://www.hookahcompany.com/nar_mashal_kh...h_3799_prd1.htm Glad to be here!