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  1. Brandy Bottle Hookah

    so what if you preheated the copper? technically wouldn't all the bad elements it puts off when heated be released?
  2. I believe the technology is out there to create a bowl/attachment that is self heating, aka no coals why hasnt someone come out with a heating element for hookahs that you can like... plug into a wall. I know it might not be convenient for those who like to smoke outdoors, but coals aren't really the greatest for the indoor crowd either. someone modify a soldering iron and get back to me, i have monies
  3. MYA QT or MYA Acrylic

    i have the qt, i think i'd rather have the acrylic. anyone want to trade?
  4. Al Waha Cola Review

    i'm not a big fan of cola, I forget what brand I've smoked, but it wasn't very good. anyone know if there's certain cola brands that just blow complete donkey?
  5. i think the point of more hoses is so there's less passing, and not so much the fact that everyone hits it at once. as long as you keep the ends plugged when not in use, the draw should be the same it's science or something
  6. MYA's - Egyptians - or Chinese?

    i love the bohemian style, not so much the price not just myas, any bohemian
  7. Hookah Hookah

    grape smells amazing, tastes like cardboard

    im working till 10:30 ):
  9. Any place that sells 50g Al Fakher?

    i agree, Layalina has impressed me. and I can get 50g boxes for 2 bucks each, any flavor locally
  10. o rly?edit- i love ps and google images[img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v342/jakez321/saffron/ya_rly.gif[/img]
  11. Halloween

    [quote name='Lukasa'] [quote name='DCShisha']  [quote name='Whiteshadow'] hunter s thompson as duke in fear and loathing in las vegas  im going to get drunk[/quote] Make sure you have some ether and lots of reds. Are you going to be driving a shark or a whale?[/quote] Yes, ether is a must.[/quote] time to find an american flag bandana
  12. Review of Trades

    i'll trade some money i have laying around, it's pretty new but hasn't gotten that much use from me. It might be worth something because I've been trading money for a while now
  13. Halloween

    [quote name='ghostofdavid']I thought about going as a Dale Earnhardt zombie!!!!!!!!!!![/quote] i was also thinking of going as a steve irwin zombie... with a barb through my heart
  14. Calling Tangiers

    keep it old school hookah style and make an opium influenced flavor, and then pump it full of opium. it'll be a hit, trust me
  15. Review of Trades

    how do we buy directly from tangiers? I hear good things, worked an extra day, saved money buying books online, and just got over strep throat (no mono btw), and I'm looking to celebrate