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    IMPORTANT: Our Consitution

    I'm with Mush on all counts. I don't think we have to get too harsh...mistakes will happen, but I think it would be a good idea to post the rules on the homepage so that everybody (including newcommers---see I didn't even use Noobs...oh wait...oops) will see them before they post.  It may cut down on some of the Illegal substance posts if nothing else. Bottom line is that we're all here for information...giving, recieving and sharing...and for the perpetuation of something we get joy from.  When it stops being about that, it's time to go.
  2. Ratswallow

    Need some advice

    I have a Bohemian Glass from socialsmoke...I love it. It's a beautiful piece...Green glass with silver designs and chrome stem. I got it with the case which makes transport really easy. As far as I know pretty much all of the Bohemian Glass hookahs I have seen are all Mya Saray made which means it comes with a Mya hose.  Replacement parts are also easy to get through Mya... It pulls great, and with the large ceramic bowl, I've smoked a bowl of Fakher for 2 hours, getting great smoke all the way (i did flip the shisha once after it started burning a bit). It's the only one I own, but it has an easier pull than any other hookahs that I have tried within my group of friends (I think we have 15-20 hookahs between all of us...and have had at least 7-8 set up at once before) With the forum discount at socialsmoke it was a great deal and has been an excellent hookah for the past 2 years. I hear good things about Hookhcompany as well, and I'm pretty sure that would be a Mya too.
  3. Ratswallow

    need help making a bowl

    You can also use an apple...it's a bit harder to carve, but it makes for a good change of flavor...especially if what you're smoking doesn't go well with citrus.
  4. Ratswallow

    Online vendors?

    Someone on this forum put one together a while back that is pretty extensive. [url="http://home.san.rr.com/mastertofu/"]http://home.san.rr.com/mastertofu/[/url] I don't remember who it was, but I'm eternally grateful!
  5. You probably just did. Give it a few hours...he's on this forum quite a bit...
  6. Ratswallow

    best mixes

    I'm all about mixing flavours! I don't think I've smoked an unmixed bowl for a long long time. I even took enough flavours to mix to Burning Man last year and I barely had room for everything else in my car! Favorites are: Vanilla Rose Caramel Plum Strawberry Cola Pomegranate Plum Melon Apple Mostly Al-Fakher with some Al-Amir and I think the Caramel was Nakhla
  7. Ratswallow

    weed in hookah

    Yes, it's very easy... 1. Get a clue 2. Throw out your nasty weed. 3. Get a box of good ma'assel I recommend Al Fakher plum or Strawberry 4.  Smoke as you normally would with your hookah. I'm sure you'll enjoy it a lot more...
  8. I love AF PLum...one of my favorite flavors! Good on it's own or mixes very well with caramel for a good flavorful smoke.
  9. Ratswallow

    Head Shops = Rip Off

    Just over the big hill behind you in Santa Clarita
  10. Ratswallow

    Head Shops = Rip Off

    It all depends on where you are...I know a great store in Hollywood (not next door, but a 20 minute drive, not like I'm not down there all the time anyways...) that sells AF for $10 for 250g and I know coals are resonably priced too, but haven't needed any for a while.  If there are any LA people on here, give it a go...huge selection of tobacco and hookahs all priced well.  I don't remember a name, but it's on Hollywood Blvd (I think between Selma and Vine). There are a few crappy head shops in my immediate area, but much like you their selection and prices are the suck!
  11. Ratswallow

    Hi Guys!

    Socialsmoke has a good "Large" ceramic bowl that does quite nicely for long smoking sessions for those that prefer the wide shallow bowls. or Smoking-hookah has the "Double bowl" which I recently got, but haven't smoked yet, since I haven't had people over to smoke and the thing is freaking huge!  Both of the bowls are very deep and bigger than my standard bowl.
  12. Ratswallow

    Unofficial List

    Quite a few of them are in the "polls" section of the homepage here...It would be nice to see if there are a few I've missed, but I think most are on there in that post somewhere.
  13. Ratswallow

    New Al Amir Flavors!

    [quote name='TheHookah.com']We have had some very positive reviews on the new Al Amir flavors.  I am willing to send out some samples to the first ten people who send me their address to [url="http://mailto:george@thehookah.com"]george@thehookah.com[/url].  I would definitely like to get some more feedback on the new flavors.   George E.[/quote] Talk about customer service!!! I'm sold...as someone who is somewhat new (albeit learning very quickly) to hookah, I'm trying not to go broke as I attempt to try all the flavors out there! So far, favs have been a honey rose mixture and Plum Caramel has come out on top thus far.  I'm trying to keep my experimentation down a bit just because it's sometimes hard to justify spending $100 on massael just to see if it's any good! Keep up the good work and great inventory!  You'll be getting an order from me soon regardless of whether I get samples or not...the simple fact that you offered shows me what kind of business you run.