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  1. GuyWithTheGun

    Ask A Stupid Question

    QUOTE (Big Boss @ Jun 26 2008, 01:48 AM) When you're out in SD. Stop by and see Eric while you're at it. Are you cool, man? I'm cool. Are you cool?
  2. GuyWithTheGun

    American Drinking Songs?

    There's a lot of Sublime drinking songs.... I'm trying to remember the name of the band from boston that sings a lot of irish-esque drinking music, one of the better songs is "We drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and fight! We drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and fight! And if I see a pretty girl, she's home with me tonight! DRINK AND DRINK AND DRINK AND DRINK AND DRINK AND FIGHT" Shit.....why am I drawing a blank? my boss used to jam these guys whenever I was driving a truck...gimme a sec... Ah. The Dropkick Murphy's. Ninety percent of their songs are drinking songs, I promise you Edit: DKM is still a bad-ass drinking band, but the song above is actually sang by Flogging Molly, a very similar band with more great drinking music.
  3. GuyWithTheGun

    favorite reads?

    [quote name='Claytron']I really want to read Ender's Game.[/quote] God I loved that book. The best way to read it is to read it first, then read Ender's Shadow, the book about his little buddy who holds himself back because of his love for Ender. It's a seriously good time. Catch-22 is another one I saw mentioned, but I just gotta give a great big fuck yeah to whoever mentioned "Watchmen", my all-time favorite comic. ALL TIME. Nothing beats it, nothing compares. No comic will ever approach this one, in my opinion, and it dazzles me why they're making movies like "V for Vendetta" or "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" when they should have sunk all the cash into a Watchmen trilogy. No way to tell all the story at one go, gotta have a trilogy. F. Paul Wilson is a good adventure writer, check out his Repairman Jack books for a good lil guilty pleasure. William Gibson takes the spot as my favorite sci-fi author, although China Mieville has made his mark with his Crobuzon trilogy: Perdido Street Station, The Scar and Iron Council, all of which are stylized steampunk books. Gibson, however, has defined cyberpunk in my opinion. Bruce Sterling has done the same for biopunk, although it's not quite as popular as either of the latter genres. I can't think of anything else right now. Too much guiness.
  4. I'll bring my Hookah-Shishah Ice Torrent, along with whatever shishah I have at the time. Mebbe some pie, too.
  5. I can afford that...count me in, sir!is there any chance I could get an unfinished one? I'd like to put a nice walnut stain on it, maybe distress it a little. I'm doing much the same thing to my coffee table since I thought the hookah coal burns would look really cool if they were applied somewhat evenly, sanded down, and restained too a darker color. I'll have to take pictures if I ever get around to it...
  6. +1 me as well. Girlfriend won't wanna miss this...
  7. GuyWithTheGun

    Review: Sultan Cherry

    [quote name='Tangiers']I'll trade you for it. Any Tangiers flavor you want, I'll throw in a bowl, too.[/quote]I have 8 jars of Sultan and Hookah Splash sitting, unused, on my hookah shelf. You want 'em?
  8. GuyWithTheGun

    Purchase came in (pics)

    [quote name='Alqoshnia']EDIT: Hey gun guy, how are those Japanese charcoals, have you tried them yet??[/quote] I'm not so sure if I'm sold on these. They burn a lot longer, yeah, but the smoke doesn't seem to get as thick as when I use quicklights, even with constant ashing and moving. And sorry about the double post.
  9. GuyWithTheGun

    Purchase came in (pics)

    [quote name='clown']Some info about the Memories???[/quote]There's not really a lot of info to give. It's really just another mixed fruit flavor (orange, pineapple, and cherry, I belive) It wasn't extraordinarily flavorful, but it wasn't dull either. Then again, my tastebuds kinda suck, lol.
  10. GuyWithTheGun

    Purchase came in (pics)

    Sorry. The hoses are from HookahCompany.com. I've said it in some other post before which is why I didn't think of it now.S'okay Evans, I totally condone that way of thinking. Makes me jealous of you, you single bastard.
  11. GuyWithTheGun

    Purchase came in (pics)

    PersianPride - The box of Silver Fox has a big apple on the side, so I'm assuming that it's appley or applish, I'm honestly not rushing to try it after what I've heard.Lakemonster - I paid about the same, but I had them shipped so they came to like 37 or 38 bucks for the pair. Worth every penny.There is literally no resistance pulling on these hoses. They are probably the best hoses I've ever used, to be honest. Worth the purchase, I just wish they came in more colors and styles, but I'm fine with these gray ones.
  12. [img]http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/396/hpim0721atu5.jpg[/img]Japanese Silver Coals, then the tobacco from left to right: Al Waha After Nine, Al Waha Memories, Soex Silver Fox, Afzal Blueberry, Al Waha Mixed Fruit.[img]http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/8194/hpim0722avc6.jpg[/img]The Mya Sara Wide hoses. The website said 65", but these suckers are at least 75", I think they only count the actual hose part. It's taller than my roomate.[img]http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/6679/hpim0723amb6.jpg[/img]The Mya Wides next to my Hookah-Shisah.com Mod Hoses (comparison for another forum member). The Mya Wides are much, much bigger and better made. Not only that, but in the hookah, you get 3 times the draw. We're making enormous clouds with these suckers.[img]http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/1262/hpim0724auh0.jpg[/img]Closer side-by-side view. You can definetely tell a difference in this shot.[img]http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/1072/hpim0725aeg5.jpg[/img]EXTREME CLOSE-UP. Notice the rust on the mod hose. I'm not sure if it's from the hookah or from inside the hose, but it sure is ugly.[img]http://img182.imageshack.us/img182/3352/hpim0728ahy4.jpg[/img]Close-up of the handles. BIG difference in pure workmanship. The Mya handles are simply beautiful, and they add a great accent to the hookah. I'll come back with a picture of the complete setup.Not pictured: 100g each of Tangiers Vanilla and Blue Gumball. The packages got thrown away and I didn't want to post a pic of semi-acclimated shisha.Anyways, there's my $100 purchase. Any questions?
  13. GuyWithTheGun

    hookah after....

    [quote name='EvansLight']hmmm that brings up the whole, smoke, then kiss and share the smoke, anyone done that?[/quote] Works good with pot, not so well with shisha.
  14. GuyWithTheGun

    Soooo close :(

    FedEx was still delivering! Hoses came! Pictures soon!
  15. GuyWithTheGun

    Soooo close :(

    If it helps, my new Mya Wides are sitting in a hub as well...stupid Labor Day, I wouldn't have even gotten it off if I wasn't off already. Wal-Mart sucks.