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  1. never ordered it. went to the local store and bought it for $80. I use the gasket that came with the pipe. just your normal size. the bowl came from HJ and i never bought a gasket with it. but every thing fits good.
  2. how do i tell if i have an og or chinese? stupid question. i know.
  3. When using the phunnel bowl I find that I have lots of tobacco left over. Can I re-ad this to the bag or keep it seperate? How should I kkeping this so its not a waste? Also i just tried tangiers and I watched the video on how to pack it but i find after a little while my HUGE clouds are not so huge like 10-15 min. Here is my set up. small phunnel bowl 2 quick lite HJ coconuts tangiers packed to the top foil holes poked all over I tried 1 coal and its all small clouds
  4. l am looking for a glass bowl anyone know where to get these and what i should be wanting out of a good bowl?
  5. doberman

    Homemade Mini Phunnel

    Followed your idea with the end of a hose. The hype is real. It lasted 2.5 hours and i had to call it quits with more still in the bowl. I used a drill at first to start the hole but thought that it may break the bowl. I then used a dremel tool with a grinding end on it. Made a perfect circle and and dropped in the end of the hose. I found that it was a little loose, not solid so i got a big O ring and added that to the inside. Works great. I was using Nakhla grape and the flavor was second to none using this homemade bowl.
  6. doberman

    Canadian Smokers

    Bowmanville On
  7. doberman

    Where To Buy In Toronto

    whats the best site to go to?
  8. doberman

    Where To Buy In Toronto

    the only shisha i can find so far is soex and taru. i think the taru is over priced at $14 for a tiny little can. is there any shops in T.O that have good bowls, gaskets.....? i have been there and only found a few at Warden and Lawerence.
  9. Anybody know where to buy hookah stuff in the gta? I am out in Oshawa but the store out here does not sell much of anything. The few stores that i know of at Warden and Lawrence are slim pickings. just looking for bowls, coal, shisha...... and so on. any help would be great thanks.