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  1. Idk if you guys realized, but john is currently selling the new mizo flavors; watermelon and guava. Just a heads up in case any of you wanted to try them out. He's the only vendor that i've found that is selling them right now.
  2. haze605

    Al Fakher Headaches

    no doubt about it being a good flavor. that's what makes the situation suck. it tastes awesome and i would hate to not be able to smoke it b/c it of headaches.
  3. i just got a 250g pack of mint and i smoked it for the first time and got a headache. i know it's not the nicotine b/c i smoke tangiers and nakhla and don't have any problems. i am also using coconaras which i have been using all summer. anybody have any ideas. could it be the red dye?
  4. I happend to be on southsmoke the other day making a purchase of shisha and i discovered, according to them, that bounty is actually a combination of coconut, vanilla, and cola. I gather that most people consider this flavor to be chocolate and coconut. I decided that I would pack up a bowl and test this for myself. I have to say that I may actually be picking up some cola flavor. Idk this is probably all in my head, but I was wondering if anybody else had any opinions.
  5. I also fill mine to about the same line as the color change in the picture. I think if it is any fuller it restricts the draw, but that's just me. I also like to get as much smoke stored in the base as possible, but still retaining enough water to cool the smoke.
  6. haze605

    Ft: K-peach, Af Melon

    pm'd for k-peach
  7. haze605


    Tropicana Hookah: Mya QT Bowl: Mya Bowl Foil: 1 layer HD Foil Hose: Nammor Coals: 3, 1/2 Coconaras Base: Water Appearance: Standard Nakhla cut, brown color, a few big stems Nicotine: 0.5% Smell: This one is a little hard to describe. It kinda smells like grapefruit kinda...maybe some pineapple. Taste: Very impressed with the taste. Started out a bit slow at first, really picked up about 10 minutes in. It tastes sour on the inhale, not much flavor, but on the exhale it tastes like a combo of grapefruit, pineapple, and banana possibly. At the very least a good fruit mix. Intense taste. Smoke: Huge white clouds without having to sacrifice flavor. Buzz: Good buzz. Felt it slightly. Duration: 45 minutes Overall: 9.3/10 I'm taking some points off for the fact that the smell of the smoke lingers in the room if you smoke inside. It has been 5 hours since I have smoked and the room still smells. I got a comment from my girlfriend that it smelled like a mix of grapefruit and NHT, but that's just her I guess. I also think the flavor on the exhale could be stronger. Very good flavor with very good smoke. Def give it a try. It would also be a great sour mixer.
  8. I recently had to throw out some of my shisha b/c it had gotten really old and lost its flavor. I was debating between Nakhla sweet melon or tropicana. I realized my stash is mainly comprised of non fruit flavors, so I was thinking it was time to add some fruit. Anybody have any suggestions about which one to get?
  9. AW Double Apple. My first taste of the dark goddess, anise...amazing.
  10. haze605

    Cracked Hookah Base...

    Gorilla glue works wonders b/c it expands when it dries and fills the crack pretty well. I've used it to fix a cracked base myself. It's also waterproof so you'll be good.
  11. I finally got around to smoking this "as is," and it was amazing. I've never gotten this much flavor from shisha. Thanks for the suggestions to smoke it the way it arrived.
  12. QUOTE (twoapplesplease @ Jun 6 2009, 01:10 PM) have you tried smoking it yet?might be fine without adding anything.Some nakhla is sposed to be dryer, you just smoke it a little differnt. True. I probably should have figured this. I've had a lot of Al-Waha that comes really dry, but smokes really well. Thanks for the tip.
  13. I just got a new 250g box of Nakhla Cardamom and it was pretty dry. I was wondering if there is a general or basic amount of glycerin that anybody adds to a box of Nakhla when they get it.
  14. haze605

    The $30 Shisha Hunt

    Simple answer...buy from hookah-shisha. If you have never used the "onefreebie" promotion code, you can use it to get free UPS ground shipping.
  15. so i added some jelly that appeared to be preservative free. it was less than good. had a weird flavor to it. kinda like burning sugar. so much for that idea.