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  1. an idea u should consider is they have the mold your own kits where u find a shlong u like and make a cast of it so u have a mold then fill it so you have a life replica. so saying u find a friend whos kinky make a cast then when pouring the mold insert a straw say from one of those big wide straws filled with sugar candy. you know those jumbo pixiesticks. then would just have the issue of fitting the hose to the head but with some placement of hardware before u start this endevor u could fast track the latter assembly. for a mold kit check out adameve.com or its something like that
  2. MadManMadrid

    The Witch

    The Witch Hookah now first off its cheap so dont expect mya or anything else. its metal is a potmetal type thing but very durable. the hose does have a odor to it and if u take the time to wash it n let it soak a bit u can get rid of that taste and smell. it comes with extra grommits for the bowl and for the bottle tops always a plus. though only one gromit for the hose. now i got this for one cause its cheap and when i go to parties i always worry about taking any of my other hookahs. plus the room they take up in the car when traveling my wife usually could pack more things and i always worry about breaking a stem. so really this is so compact my friends have dub'd it my james bond 007 hookah . it fits very nicely in a plastic storage box from walmart that can hold all my coals and shisha. assembly is really easy the stem and down stem screw into each other. get your standard bottle i.e. Glass bottle! doesnt work so well with plastic coke bottles but does work pretty good with 64 oz watter bottles that are shaped like the large culligan bottles. by wrapping some tape around the top it makes up for the lack of thickness u find in glass bottles. so get the bottle and fill with water to where u can get the downstem at least under 1/2 inch under water. remove the assembly and put the grommet on. fit the down stem through the grommet to the base of the stem and check the fit if it wobbles u might wanna add some tape (quick fix is teflon tape used for plumbing. its not sticky like regular tape but stretched tight it holds really well if your bottle has threads. also its like 1 buck a roll at walmart) now place the grommet on the top its a crappy grommet but can be replaced my most Chinese grommets. it just has to be a lil thick so if u dont like the bowl u can usualy fit any type on with the right grommet and bowl. i've fit everything from medium to large bowls on without much problems. add bowl and enjoy its not the most impressive one but for the price u have the zip gun form of hookah to go. take it to your next party and not worry if something happens. some things to consider though beer bottles and coke bottles are so small that once u have it all asembled its easy to tip. find some bricks and make a small box on the floor at said party for it before using. one of my more inventive friends went and got a butter tub (medium to large) and cut a hole in the lid to fit the bottle without much give and placed the bottle in the base filled with ice and a lil water put lid on and it held it in place with the sheer weight of the ice base and kept the damn thing cool for many upon many uses. some of the best base's i've used were alcohol bottles that have a wide base. Irish mist has a onion bottle type design which was very fun to smoke from. dont like the hose? use one that u already have it might not be a perfect fit as the hose piece is smaller than other hoses but most all my hoses have worked with the exception of the mya just cause it is wider than most but thats what we love about those hoses. overall as long as your not expecting this to be a world class hookah you'll have fun taking this with you anywhere you go. really we all have hookahs for the home but this is made for travel. with the ability to use many different bowls and bases. and without having to worry about jacking up your nice hookahs while traveling this is a must have for anyone who has limited space i.e. dorm room, who wants a hookah for once and a while but no need to get really vested in a expensive hookah, and for those who travel and share the hookah experience the more i use it the more i love having it as part of my collection. and best of all if u have a friend who you get hooked on hookah its nothing to say "keep it" you can always order another and u gave the gift that will bring another friend into the wonderful world of hookah smoking. so with a little know how and some fore thought this will be one of the best hookahs u'll own for its simplistic design and portability. don't expect this to be your next hookah to replace your 40" mya. as for the hobohookah.... if u have more money to throw get it its the same as this only better quality metal better components but still the same as far as any issues with smoking the witch. it does however have a bigger rig but doesn't work any better overall just a better quality.
  3. MadManMadrid

    New Legislation

    QUOTE (Sonthert @ Aug 2 2009, 08:02 PM) Its also already been pased by the Senate and TheHouse and signed into law by Obama. Flavored cigarettes only. Some flavord cigars will hit the wall, too, because they are being reclassified as cigarettes...because they obviously are. what makes me mad is alot of stores in my part are doing away with all shisha cause they are idiots. tobacco is a big part of america's history i forsee ciggarete runners much like when prohobition was passed years ago. people rolling thier own and selling or bringing in from canada and mexico good grief
  4. MadManMadrid

    How Do You Fund You Hookah

    BBQ chef I serve good beef to hungry people
  5. MadManMadrid

    New Legislation

    so anyone following on the new legislation banning flavored ciggarets and cigars? everything cept menthol flavors seem to be on the ban list for the usa. now shisha is i feel very close to this catagory and will be amended in later if this passes. as i read in an article that its only rolled tobacco thats on the cutting board. personally i think this is BS from all the articles that i read its about how falvored tobacco is marketed twards kids. now i find this hallarious cause i watch alot of tv these days and i dont see comercials for cigs or cigars ever. yet every night i see comercials for how tobacco is killing people everyday. i see more billboards on how many deaths this year and counting. i've never seen a shisha comercial or clove ciggarett comercial. where is this advertising geared twards kids??? idk just latest thing that makes me mad and want to join the republican party
  6. MadManMadrid

    How To Make Your Own Flavors!

    so i went a diffrent route i got pipe tobacco washed once and let sundry. added in glycerine (now brand) yes food grade, about one tablespoon for 50g of tobacco. then add in ground clove and cinnamon extract. flavor was good and smoked well though i found the longer i let it sit and soak for about 1 day. i have yet to try any fruity flavors but have added fresh ground vanilla and extract i havent found which is best but both have great flavor
  7. MadManMadrid

    Making A Windcover

    no worries mate like they said any can will do as long as it can sit on your tray. personally my favorate is a can of juice one of the larger ones of grapefruit. i cut a 1 inch hole at the other end of the open side so it has a way for the heat to go out then with a drill i drilled holes all around on the side just randomly be sure and use a punch to make a lil indention so the drill bit has a place to start at or else it'll just go everywhere. it looks alright and i eventually took sharpie markers to it and still works great just grab from the bottom when you go to lift it.
  8. MadManMadrid

    I'm Sold

    you know i was excited when i first got a screen but even after half a bowl i pulled the coal and used it as a frisbee and re wraped with foil but what ever your technique smoke on my fellow hookah loving citizens
  9. MadManMadrid

    Black Herbal Shisha

    havent tried it but not in a rush to. hookah hookah brand is off compared to many other brands that i love however i smoked so much pipe and ciggar tobbacco that since its virginia leaf i like the plain flavors like honey so its all your taste in the matter. but dunno if i would be willing to try black... hmmmm any benifit to it being an herbal shisha other than no nicatine. but i suppose with that you wouldnt get that hookah rush that i love. anyone smoke any herbal shishas worth a try i think the question should be turned into lol
  10. MadManMadrid

    New Mexico Nm Smokers

    Artesia New Mexico here
  11. try using a stag blend. black cavendish is what i've used so far and its awesome. its not always cheap depends on where you get it. while walgreens does sell plenty its usualy dry (yes i know your gonna hydrate it with honey etc) but with dry has a stale taste im afraid to use it. tinder box sells some great flavors though pay a lil bit for it. ummm as far as mixing really like before said check out the how to section. they have great advice on how to get the right amount of smoke to best product to use and where to find them. so let us know how it goes eh
  12. MadManMadrid

    Flavour Issues

    QUOTE (baseone-melburn @ Apr 24 2009, 08:17 PM) what up everybody first post. from reading the various forum posts, ive noticed a fair few of you are from the states - i'm from melbourne, australia. i discovered shisha while living in dubai. alright, so...i'm finding that im not getting much flavour from my tobacco. its grape flavoured al fakher, and i keep it in a "cool, dry place" and in an air-tight container. as far as i know, im not packing it too tight in to the head. i've got a single hose hookah, and its pretty good quality...but recently i put a small rip in the hose with a knife by accident. i duct-taped that shit up, and i think thats alright too. no smoke escapes. i generally just put nicely chilled water and ice cubes in the base, with no other 'ingredients'. i have cleaned everything out a couple of times. i use a single coal on top of a single layer of foil with some randomly poked holes. its pretty hard to light, but it is a dedicated shisha coal. comes in a black, cylindrical foil holder, maybe about 10 coals, with red writing on the packet. so, can anyone suggest why im getting little to no actual flavour when i smoke? thanks alot! peace ok mate sounds like you got everything going for you but i discoverd this trick on youtube is by adding a spacer to my bowl which lifts the heat source from the shisha give better flavor vs getting a burnt taste or only after smoking for a bit then getting flavor from half the session after it dried out a bit but still that burnt taste kinda sucks. use 30 mm coals (prefer 3kings brand charcoal) the 40 mm coals are too hot for a small/med bowl. as far as the spacer just fold foil over and over to a long strip about one inch - 2 inches in with then rap it to a circle shape and just notching it to keep its shape. put in the bowl to just fit the bowl on the inner chamber. then load and cover with foil. i've also noticed smaller holes vs larger work good so a needle vs the poker on the tongs. then enjoy. it does take longer to start in a way but flavor is kept through the session. you can also try a defuser which i mentioned in another post. but all the above has made it much more pleasurable for me. also brand makes a huge diffrence sometimes. not all the time but with certain flavors... oh yeah! try it out and let me know if it works for ya
  13. MadManMadrid

    Home-made Shisha

    ok tried the ammounts of honey in proportion to ammount of tobacco n used a dab of glyc. worked rather well i noticed using diffrent honeys did wonders and if your feeling like a need for a substitute try agave nectar. my next time im going to add cinnamon oil vs ground. but the stuff im using is black cavendish, clove honey, clove, cinnamon, fresh orange zest
  14. MadManMadrid

    Worlds Simplest Diffuser

    QUOTE (Jones @ Apr 30 2009, 10:49 AM) I used to use a single piece of cheesecloth held on by rubber bands and it did a great job, but somehow I lost it while moving. Now I have a metal sink strainer like this one: http://www.alwaysbrilliant.com/aa/aspx-pro...ir-Strainer.htm I bent it and have it held on with some tape. It does a great job and is pretty much permanent. another good one is a tea bag from mighty leaf brand tea. its a silk screeny bag open up one end of it and dump out the tea then slip it on the end and get a wire tie and twist the wire on there mine has been very secure and works great however after the shisha cooks and holes get plugged with a lil ash it makes a bit more of resistance to the process but works great. smokes better and flavor comes sooner. but thats my solution to the matter. also cause its not cotton or paper it doesnt expand. just lil extra drag from resistance on the air.