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  1. I have about 150-180g of Social Smoke Voltage and 150-180g of Social Smoke Pink Lemonade. Need: natural coals or a hose
  2. Hey I have a sealed pack of Tangiers Lucid "New Lime" 250g would like to trade it for other tobacco or Coconaras
  3. Are these still available? Tangiers Small Phunnel Bowl Black - $13 Narbish V4 Blue - $13
  4. [quote name='Travis' timestamp='1289587960' post='488093'] [quote name='IainUM' timestamp='1289587620' post='488092'] isn't a brand new bag of tangiers like 16 bucks on HJ? with shipping being around 8 bucks, that's 24 bucks for a new bag. just saying... [/quote] I think he's wanting a local pick up, since he's in Canada. With all those weird customs laws, $30 may not be bad up there. Idk for sure though. [/quote] Obviously I want a local pick up Shipping is actually $30 plus if you get taxed its ~$30 per 250g
  5. have 2 tubes for sale or trade 1x sealed, 1 opened ~ 200g $30 for sealed $20 for opened or offer your flavours if you want to trade PM if interested Located in Richmond hill [b] LOCAL ONLY[/b]
  6. When i broke my vase i used cranberry cocktail jug for a few sessions...worked great
  7. I think the tax rate is something like $30-35 per 250g
  8. Bought KM Dark Trimetal form him. Everything was packed really well, got the package within a week. He even sent me some extras. 10/10
  9. If its pure silver as the ad states and weights 6kg then just silver costs that much
  10. Just found this ad, i wonder how would it smoke... [url="http://toronto.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-jewellery-watches-very-old-shisha-almost-80-years-old-made-of-pure-silver-W0QQAdIdZ211129095#"]http://toronto.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-jewellery-watches-very-old-shisha-almost-80-years-old-made-of-pure-silver-W0QQAdIdZ211129095#[/url]
  11. tytyty i dont know how i missed it im sure i checked hc Cheers
  12. [quote name='dizzbizz' date='10 June 2010 - 04:44 PM' timestamp='1276202682' post='471362'] [url="http://www.hookahjohn.com/Khalil-Mamoon-OG-Trimetal-GREEN-2057.htm"]http://www.hookahjoh...-GREEN-2057.htm[/url] [/quote] Thanks but as you can see its out of stock
  13. Hey everyone, I have spent at least 2 hours at various hookah site looking for KM OG Trimetal. So im wondering does anyone know a site where i can get one? Thanks
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