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  1. Steve

    Very good guy to deal with. Got the case of Al-Waha and went and picked it up. Help him out and buy it!
  2. steve get to me asap. i lost communication with you because i've been wayyyyy to busy. i will take 12 for $30 and ill come pick it up. let me know. aim: yupitsjewstin email: graphicalmix@gmail.com preferrably email me. thanks
  3. Newest Addition...

    It hits amazing. Once my three starbuzz flavors come in the mail I'm going to do reviews and get pictures and whatnot.
  4. Web Hosting

  5. Newest Addition...

    oh. didnt even notice you rehosted the pictures. thanks lol.
  6. here we go. love it. amazing hookah. i love working at hookah lounges lol.
  7. Hookah Accessories

    [b]Ice Chamber[/b] [img]http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/3474/icechamberoi9.jpg[/img] The ice chamber can basically screw into any hookah and is there to chill your hookah. It makes the smoke alot smoother and overall you can manage to get a bigger hit out of it. I use this with all my MYA hookahs, and found it especially helpful. Definitely something you should look into buying. It also has a place for you to drain the water out of the side once the ice melts very convenient. [u]Price:[/u] $15 www.hookah-shisha.com if you want to purchase it.
  8. I believe he was just helping out...
  9. Emergency - Please Help!

    [quote name='skimo']or to be simple as hell just a box with no top and a hole cut for the hose, if you tip that over your just an idiot lol[/quote] :!: perfect
  10. thanks everyone. i used photoshop just because i had it open at the time.
  11. finally decided to get an egyptian hookah from the store today. smokes great, and the glass base really makes the flavor much better. love itt. [img]http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/1659/fscn0773ut4.jpg[/img] [img]http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/2145/fscn0774kg6.jpg[/img] got that along with a MYA hose and a large head for $65.
  12. I have tried putting in about 2/3 vodka and 1/3 water in the base of my hookah. It gives you a head-buzz, but ultimately I think it ruins the taste of the hookah. And personally I think its a waste of alcohol.
  13. $50 for a case and I'll pick it up. I got my original phone back so I know longer have your number
  14. The Trip

    We have these at our store. They're VERY light and very cheaply made, but are good for parties. There is a problem with most of all of them though. The hose grommet is loose on all of them and requires you to hold your hose up and hit it in order to get the maximum amount of smoke and flavor. Personally for $45 its something to have around for a party and it will only hit decent.
  15. Some movie we were playing. Its more of a teen community so we have a DJ booth and a DJ that plays music from Rap to Alternative.