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  1. My dad ashes his cigs in a coke bottle from time to time if that's all he has around. Even if they're not empty. About 5 years ago, I came home after some b-ball and I really wanted a drink of something so I took a big ole mouth-full of his coke... little did I know it was half cig ash... I readily spit it out and almost puked. The taste stayed with me for a good couple hours if not more. YUCK!
  2. Just plain Apple from Nakhla was delicious. Smoke it out of the shittist $2 hookah ever and it was still awesome.
  3. Sounds like some shocks will do the trick, then using the bowl combo shouldn't be too hard as long as you have someone else to hold the pipe for you while u drive.
  4. Doesn't look like genuine AF to me... If I could see the side I'd have a better idea though.
  5. Ah heck, I figure I'll dig this thread up from the dead and post a pic of my baby finally... [img]http://sincitygoats.com/gallery/d/278-2/Cool3.jpg[/img] That's at a car show much earlier in it's life but it still looks just as good with a good day with some claybar, as well as a good gloss and wax.
  6. That's a heck of a collection, Lake and as for you, Scalli, nice work on the hide-away. I've been messin around with guitar for about 2 years, one of them maybe only played about 4 hours in total . I was only serious about it for the first 4 months. Learned a few chords and scales but never went much futher. I know a lot of songs I love to play from time to time but that's about it : I wish I had the time and patience to learn more.
  7. depends. Usually once a week... up to 3 times a week in some cases.
  8. She has the larger size acrylic if I remember correctly. From most of her pics, she's smoking out of her newer Mya small bohemian. The pipe does hit like a champ with almost no pull - clouds depend mostly on heat management, making sure there are no air leaks, and a lil on what type of tobaccy you're smoking. Starbuzz does smoke a lil better than most
  9. Erica, you have my only pics of 'clouds'... sad ones but it was windy at the lounge last night!
  10. [quote name='DizzyGuy']Never tried Fumari. Probably never will due to the price.[/quote] ditto.
  11. I love tea with any flavor but my favorite mix is Grape Smirnoff Ice with AA Blackberry... YUM
  12. My strongest smoke ever - TOO strong of smoke - flavor was RICH! Tangiers Vanilla... I'm sure most, if not all his flavors will be similar. Don't even get me started on that dam buzz.... :dead face:
  13. Actually I ran somewhat recently after smoking about half a bowl. Ran a mile and a half almost without stopping for the first time in about 6 months (before then, I could barely run a mile and that was before I started smoking) and I felt great except for my legs lol. Wierd. But, lets just say I didn't even wanna SMELL shisha after I was done with that run.
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