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  1. well im glad you got it under control, and that the forum can help
  2. sounds like your using too much heat, my suggestion is to cut the coals in half and use 2 or 3 of the halves on the bowl. i have found this works well for me with bowls that do not have a large diameter but are fairly deep.
  3. my all time favorite flavor has to be either nak mizo mint or tangiers mimon, i like minty flavors, hell i mix mizo mint with just about ever bowl i smoke.
  4. [quote name='joytron' timestamp='1314292783' post='521316'] The hookah is the only part of the ad that is an okay deal. I would just say it depends on how much you love the halzone. Keep in mind mahir has a Og trimetal for around a hundred and its brand new (although I would still take the halzone because I like the looks of it more). Walgreens coil burner for $14... WTF! [/quote] yeah the no longer stock the $5 ones, and that pisses me off, now i gotta pay almost 3 times the original price for something that last just as long, talk about a rip off.
  5. great. my first time was with my now girlfriend at her 18th birthday party at a hookahbar. loved it ever since that was 5 years ago
  6. well this just inspired me to make a few new hoses myself, great job.
  7. me and my gf back in 2008 EDIT: nvm wont let me upload it, FML
  8. ugh im gone for a short time and sooooo many people get banned. i got to be around more often than i am.
  9. ugh, i will always want one of those and your is sooooo nice, makes me sad i dont lol.
  10. i bet he figured it out and just feels kinda stupid or something, who knows, had me wondering wtf he was doing with a metal grommet there for a minute lol.
  11. i guess im one of the lucky ones, ive only had one problem and it was fixed immediately, no questions asked, other than that all my packages from them were here in a timely fashion and always had everything i ordered in them.
  12. i live in southlake when im home from college. what hookah bars have you been going to?
  13. natural lemonwood coals from southsmoke.com, they are bulk coals so you can cut pieces to match your time needs, plus its 7.50 for a prett big bad and there are discounts if you buy 3 or more. i like them alot
  14. seriously some of my best sessions have been out in the cold, always glad to hear about a good session
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