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  1. Sexy cement block. <3

  2. Ummm.. you left me on here.. duh. ;) Wasn't sure what our status was. Glad yo back!

  3. Where have you been? pretty sure we are dating :P :)

  4. Sup hottie? Wanna date?

  5. Smoke Bubbles - Revisted

    Roughly 1/3 soap, 1/3 glycerine 1/3 water is supposed to be pretty good, but yeah, its all about proportions!
  6. Smoke Bubbles - Revisted

    Nah, buying bubbles is pointless and expensive. its 2.50 for a bottle of dish soap that'll make thousands of those 1 dollar bottles. Dawn + water, like 70/30, though i read that adding glycerin helps too.
  7. Smoke Bubbles - Revisted

    Dude, i never thought of starting a thread, but ive been trying to figure out the ideal mix for big bubbles too! I used to use a cardboard tube, but i bought a PVC piece at a hardware store that was about the same diameter. I find dish soap and water tends to work the best, but straight dishsoap is a little too heavy. I want to blow bubbles the size of a basketball.
  8. QUOTE (billy @ Sep 20 2007, 01:46 PM) Urrrggghhhh LL Strawberry has to be the worst flavour ever! I still have a full tub of it cause it doesnt taste like anything. wha?! dude, my layalina strawberry is the shit! Best strawberry i've ever had!
  9. Looks interesting, though i would second the notion the holes might be too big, but i know eric uses a pretty big fork to poke his holes. I would want a solid mesh though, i dont think i like the idea of that bar in the middle that pokes up and down.
  10. How To Get Thicker Smoke?

    I've agreed with JD on everything he's ever written still do! But one thing i'd like to point out first: Make sure your hookah is airtight. EVERYWHERE. I've seen too many people with a leak try roasting the fuck out of their shisha because they're getting watered down smoke. So take the bowl off, put your hand over the top of the stem, and take a pull on the hose. If you can inhale, you have a problem. Fix it, and try again. Also, bowls take a while to start up, try using only 1 coal (not 1.5) broken in half, and let it take its time heating up.
  11. Whats Your Ride?

    QUOTE (mdl @ Sep 4 2007, 10:11 PM) Thunderhill? Conekillah! Any of you scooby people on nasioc? Yup, that was out at thunderhill! Where was that autox held at? it looks familliar. And I'm on NASIOC but i haven't been there in easily 3 years (back when i was in my get on every forum possible phase).
  12. Fusion

    Fusion Guava = WIN
  13. Hyphy Juice!

    QUOTE (xpimpitox @ Aug 29 2007, 02:48 PM) i got excited till cal said it was fumari...i think ill pass! ill make my own hyphy juice from tangiers stuff!!! whelans is a nice spot for sure tho! Fumari is some of, if not the best tobacco you can buy, at least in my humble opinion.