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  1. crowley

    What'S Your Brand?

    mya relatively cheep, but well maid but dont keep the bases outside with water in them
  2. so me and my friends were sitting around and wanted to try something new. so we took my Tangiers medium phunnle and packed one side of it with Tangiers ( it was kiwi or a mix of kiwi and water melon) in a half circle. then had the other half circle of the bowl packed with Starbuzz Tangerien Dream. taste was awsome and like pink starburst! idk... i thought it was cool
  3. Rubbermade TakeAlongs $7.50 for 5 are PP and 5 recycle
  4. QT Bases are terrible. their cheep but are not ment to be moved often. i broke one just by putting it in your average bathroom sink and filling it.
  5. i'm debating buying this but the buyer says its missing something, she said a filter. but filters arnt on hookahs unless you count the base. any who its only like $25 hear it is
  6. WE are all going to be turned in to pigs and die!!!!!!!! jk just dont smoke with people and animals that are sick and really shouldnt be smoking any way
  7. crowley

    Smoking When You Have A Cold

    if its like a sinus infection when i smoke and blow the smoke through my nose i feel 100% better for an hour or 2. and mint may help if you have a swore through
  8. Because Clouds are Amazing! with out big awsome clouds i'd be breathing big hits of flavored air + everyone wants to play god whats a bigger power trip than creating clouds
  9. I took over my garage last year for hookah smoking. We have a couch and 6-7 chairs. on any given night 4-5 hookahs were going. But my buddy set up a projector and we hung a sheet for the screen. It was cool for a wile but i think that it takes away from the hookah experience it draws attention away from conversation.
  10. crowley

    Illinois Il Smokers.

    QUOTE (supersubby @ Feb 28 2009, 01:46 PM) Best places are : Ali Babaas Carthage and Lux these places offer the best service and are the most authentic and you get what you pay for. lux also has very wide range of tobacco selection, he serves everything from nakhla to tangiers and owner is a gem Carthage is one of my least favoret, the service sucked, the hookah was far to much money for my taste. got to love North Park hookah any one hear remember Family Hookah?
  11. crowley

    Ever Try This?

    i have never had a problem with foam in the hose from pops placed int the base, then again when i dont freeze them/ let them sit for a few hours i slosh them into my base. pop has only got 1 good stutainable fizz in it normaly. plus the bubbles from the smoking usally collect the co2. co2 and water dont want to be together so the bubbles usally sever as a means for co2's excape from the pop
  12. crowley

    Ever Try This?

    like i said first few puffs have far to much carbon dioxcide and you cant take large hits to begin but the carbon dioxcide is some what defused with the freezing lasting 3 hours, if you put them in a container with more sufice area then the difusion will be more intence carbonated bases arnt for everyone but i like them i think the make flavors more pronounced but i rarely use them more than 2-3 times a month
  13. step 1. buy lemon lime soda, or what ever you want in the base ( plastic bottle) step 2. Take the cap off, you can also put it in a glad tupperware thinggy step 3. place it in the freezer for 2-4 hours, untill slushy step 4. put it in you hookah base step 5. smoke I have used it on a fruit shiaha i didnt like. and the taste was vastly improved. the Slushy keeps the base very cold and the carbon dioxide alows the flavors in the base easier to taste just two warnings one: carbon dioxide sucks for the first few puffs so go easy at start and two clean your hookah sticky day old 7 up sucks to clean
  14. crowley


    Starbuzz: Strawberry Margarita (its the best ive been able to buy in 4years of hookah every one loves it) X on the beach s also very good /\ yea starbuzz is my fav only because i hate waiting for my shisha i rather by it at a local Arab food market /\
  15. crowley

    Help Me!

    See if there is a local shisah maker by you my favoret hookah bar is all homemade ( some random guy just went in and offered to make it for them and gave them samples, if some one does that hear em out) and the best part about it for them is its so cheap that they only charge $6-7 perperson at least there. its good flavor, good buzz, and more inexpencive than any other hookah bar i have been to in chicago