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  1. is enjoying tangiers pear!

  2. Its my jedi name lol. The fist two letters of my first and last name.
  3. Peace be with you. but ive for the longest time have held prayer as a form of "stress relief" people pray to resign the stresses of life to someone/something else. when people say god is in control they are more likely to have less stress because they simply dont worry about it and the stress does not physical manifest. Prayer is a psychological mechanism to remove burdens from your life. If you dont pray will there really be any ill effects due to you knot praying? Its obvious that you REALLY care for your friend but is the outcome a direct result of your prayer?
  4. [quote name='ezxen' date='08 June 2010 - 02:44 PM' timestamp='1276026264' post='471112'] Allot of native american tribes also have similar creation and flood stories similar to the Judao /christian bible. [b]Also if i remember the ancient Sumerian text also have similar stories . [/quote] [/b]The sumerian stories are older than the bibles.
  5. Some say the end is near. Some say well see Armageddon soon. i certainly hope we will...i sure could use a vacation. To those people i say shit happens and it has happened since the beginning of time. To the NWO people i argue that It is a cyclical thing The world will become more and more connected and merge into a single entity then after shit falls apart ( because nothing can be perfect ) countries will head to isolationism and the cycle will repeat. to the Bible thumpers like my family( uggh) the rapture is commonly attributed with the kingdom of god/"end time stuff" . So i even supply them with scripture to refudiate (lol- a sarah palin word)...to refute them. for those of you who read the bible: Lk 17:20-21 Once, having been asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, "The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation,nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you. btw i like the Gospel of Thomas' version better Th 113. His disciples said to him, "When will the kingdom come?" "It will not come by watching for it. It will not be said, 'Look, here!' or 'Look, there!' Rather, the Father's kingdom is spread out upon the earth, and people don't see it." so i dont really give it much weight. its even more ironic that i work in a christian store...yeah you read right. lol frequently i get people asking for Tim Lahaye and all his endtime bullshit. His "ministry" is built off of that and i can tell you that he makes a shit load by selling fear.
  6. here is a suggestion. Saturday night ariound1 am (central)adultswim plays two episodes of cowboy beebop then Ghost in the shell, one from Stand alone complex and then one from 2nd gig, immediately after that they play FMA: brotherhood. its the best lineup ever. Its the only thing i look forward to all week. but what ever you do DO NOT WATCH Grave of the Fireflies. It is the most depressing movie EVER. I loved it but felt like total shit afterwards. It is extremely emotional and .....well thats really all i can say.
  7. NVMD WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 My uncle picked it up but yes, Sadly this area is not all that great with petty crime and "thug" kids. for the most part it is alright but not out of possibility. WOOO Lemon blossom pear and Kashmir Peach with the froth green alien mini.
  8. i ordered on sunday the new KJ mini and 3 250g of tangiers. the fedex notification claims delivered @ 1130am i just got home 30 min ago and nothing is here i really hope my uncle picked it up. i guess ill have to wait until 330 to find out.
  9. ultra buzz? Withdraws after putting down the hose? Very weird. does it happen to anyone else you smoke with?
  10. ok so then ill just monitor them much more frequently. thanks
  11. so after multiple sessions one problem keeps arising. about half way into smoking the bottom of my cocos cool down ( turns black and not 'glowing' red) this makes the smoke "taste" funny like a hint of charred, which make the smoke unpleasant. i use the wind screen as well. has anyone had this problem or could anyone give suggestions. thanks
  12. YES! Tangiers Horchata and Laylina Lemon........not mixed though...........maybe..............we'll see.
  13. [quote name='Scrappydoo' date='09 December 2009 - 04:23 AM' timestamp='1260354213' post='437206'] I agree! Please, Dear GOD, don't let this be like facebook where everyone likes and "thumbs ups" everything you say! [/quote] "thumbs up" j/k seriously though. on a few other forums ive been to like FF . the rep system would get skewed with "buddies" getting up on each others ballsacks and shadowing the people who actually knew stuff. although i never found use for it because you can tell the people who knew their stuff by the post content.
  14. geeze guys! At the very least you should hold off for a while until your respiratory system lightens up. Its still introducing particulate matter into the lungs. i say just take it easy for now.
  15. ^ LOL. anyways why the hell is this happening??????
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