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  1. Hookah Peeves

    QUOTE (Stuie @ Aug 6 2009, 12:19 PM) People who I invite over bringing people without asking. I think thats a given, anyways. I've had that happen to me before (and the uninvited person I knew nothing about! other than his name I'd never met him before) and it pisses me off like no other. I think it might be better to smoke by myself, anyways. And I don't trust them to not break my hookah anyways.
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  5. Think I'm Done...

    QUOTE (chinamon @ Apr 17 2009, 12:02 PM) QUOTE (Thermo @ Apr 17 2009, 04:56 PM) How is the gouging in your local shopping arena? i live in toronto, canada. need i say more? Try living in Winnipeg. I think I found a total of 9 hookahs for sale here, after looking at almost every shop. I think every shop had shisha, though. At the time I wasn't looking. Bongs galore, though.
  6. QUOTE (Victim026 @ Apr 14 2009, 11:59 PM) If your willing to drop the cash the Bohemian vases at HC are tough to beat. http://hookahcompany.com/large_bohemian_la...s_3731_prd1.htm Man, if I trusted myself to make a custom one, I would so get one of those as a base. They are so gorgeous.
  7. Alcohol Question

    Depends on the state or province you live in. In Manitoba, the legal drinking age is 18, but if you are 16+, you can have an alcoholic drink (not sure how many) in the presence of a LEGAL parent or guardian. Not just some hobo you decided to pick up off the street. And for some reason you can walk into an MLCC with your children who are under 14 and buy booze. Yeah I dunno.
  8. Children And Hookah Smoking

    Considering since if your son sees you smoking pretty often, and he doesn't know the difference, then I think you need to try to explain to him (in albeit more simplistic terms for a younger child, but still get the point across. Children are smarter than you think) the differences. That way at least he knows that one way is at least more safer and doesn't try to think "oh well I can get cigs easier than my dad's hookah, and its the same, right?" and instead ends up addicted to cigs.
  9. Canadian Smokers

    Winnipeg, Manitoba. I feel so alone.