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  1. blowing the bowl

    you don't put your mouth directly on the bowl, you hover it a few inches above and blow.
  2. conflict of interests

    [quote name='Chown']they are not really helping me "to breaking the law". They are just assisting me in persueing a hobby of mine.[/quote] Actually.. they are.  You're under 18.  Its illegal whether you want it to be or not.  Just order it, I think you deserve to be beat by your parents.
  3. what brand tobacco are you using?
  4. nakhla flavours

    Nakhla isnt BAD.  But it isn't good either. I bought a sampler of their stuff, Cherry,Lemon, Apricot, Mint, and Mango were very good, Strawberry, Grape, and Bananna were OK, and Mixed Fruit was awful.
  5. Anyone know where to buy a hookah table?

    link is no good.
  6. Paraphernalia? Criminal?

    I go to a private catholic school.  When I lived in the dorms I would smoke on campus. I was harassed by RA's at first.  My response was that I was using it only for tobacco, they were free to test it whenever they wanted, I was on the "cigarette porch," and if they harassed me for it I'd let the school newspaper know they were discriminating against middle eastern culture. They left me alone after that. Resin = paraphanelia.  Thats why I will never smoke pot out of mine.  Sorry pot smokers.  Keep a second "clean" hookah for smoking in public.
  7. New member Questions

    Lately? Check the dates man... the plug was from November 2003! In answer to the original question though a friend of mine has some Sultan and some Splash, and its pure crap.  Awful harsh flavors that don't last long.
  8. holy old topic batman
  9. Quality and Price?

    Also its from their discounted items section. I'd spend the extra 10 bucks for a "regular" because they still have some imperfections at the regular price... I'd be scared to see what comes in the discount package... not to mention you don't get all the accessories like you do with the regular priced one.
  10. UC Santa Cruz

    No, but I do know quite a few people there
  11. Mainly Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, and Classic Rock, since thats what my collection consists of. I really want to get some middle eastern music, but i have no idea where to begin.
  12. Premuim Reviews part 2

    Oh boy, goatsecx and tubgirl welcome to last year
  13. Beware of PuffPuffASS......

    I can't find any evidence of said spamming
  14. You don't have to sign for hookah-shisha orders.  I've never been home when any of my orders from them came in, and the UPS guy just leaves it on the porch.  He has no idea what's in that box.