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  1. Hello, hi and who am I? Just a couple might remember me as one of the handfull of women on the site... I was here last year and learned a lot about hookah only from this spot. Hookah accomplished what I hoped it would: it gave me the bridge I needed to STOP SUCKING DOWN CIGARETTES. I'm not smoking anything now, so that means I have a large stash of different flavors by different makers. I'll put up ad in sale section. But I have to pass on some great news about hookah, and that it helped me quit cigs. Also have to applaud the site for making this noob a safe hookah smoker.
  2. SilverK

    Wows Brambleberry

    Hmmm...I can't be the only one that finds Brambleberry to be pretty weak in flavor. It's kind of on par with Schnozberry as far as the flavor intensity, which compared to other Tangier flavors is mild. Massive clouds, sure, but it's not one of the BIG flavors. Just kind of a mild sweetness with a little taste of cherry. And this is compared to the other few I've tried, which are INTENSELY flavored! Like K-Cherry, Melon Blend, Cocoa, and my personal favorite (so far) STATIC STARLIGHT. That made me wet my pants.
  3. QUOTE (Stuie @ May 28 2009, 02:55 PM) Well H-S has a new hose: http://www.hookah-shisha.com/store/pc/view...;idproduct=5156 Look interesting enough to try for me. I've ALWAYS wanted a hose with Christmas colors in the handle and Easter colors on the hose itself!!! Oh Goody!!!! (I'm talking about the one that's second from the right.)
  4. SilverK

    Tangiers Flavors

    QUOTE (plannetterror101 @ May 27 2009, 01:49 AM) I would try every flavor that Tangiers has if i could but unfortunately i just cant afford it so I want to know what something is like before I buy it. I know your all ganna poke fun at me for asking this but I'm going to anyways. F-line and Lucid? one has caffine added and one has less nicotine am I correct and what one is what? I suggest you do what I have done (I'm pretty new myself). Go through the section of the forum called "Reviews" and then the subforum "Tobacco" and then the thread called "Tangiers" so you can read ALL ABOUT the different shishas. It helped me tremendously as it gives you many different opinions of the many flavors. It's the best part of the forum I think.
  5. QUOTE (Tom16689 @ May 22 2009, 09:27 PM) QUOTE (SilverK @ May 22 2009, 05:14 PM) (Trying again) LOL! here ya go Silver. THANK YOU!!!!! (That's me above)
  6. Oh forget it!!!! Delete this one too! I can't see sh*t
  7. SilverK

    Tangiers Virgin

    QUOTE (Sonthert @ May 21 2009, 07:26 PM) You're a woman of impeccable moral character, I know for a fact you wouldn't do that. A picture? I think I know what you're talking about...something a little...private? I guess I can make and exception and accommodate the lady... Eric's Private Parts I'm not a snake in the grass...or anything. I can provide excellent examples of rich, black, silky-smooth tobacco, if needed. Your ticket is waiting at the Delta counter. BRB, I gotta go get some Jimmy Beam
  8. QUOTE (Sonthert @ May 21 2009, 07:07 PM) Blueberry is hiding for awhile, same as the Chocolate cherry, but they will make a return soon enough. So that means I'm gonna have to make my own Chocolate Cherry mix for now? With some Cocoa and K-Cherry?
  9. SilverK

    Tangiers Virgin

    QUOTE (MrMoodz @ May 21 2009, 04:17 PM) I am sensing a potential Tangiers Romance. Oh damn!!! Ah, perhaps...after all, women have been known to want a man only for his shisha right?
  10. SilverK

    Tangiers Virgin

    QUOTE (Sonthert @ May 21 2009, 02:01 AM) QUOTE Tangiers Virgin, suggestions for first buy. A plane ticket for me and a big bottle of Jimmy Beam. Why trust your first experience to random chance...might as well get the best results possible. I'd require a few photos before considering your kind offer
  11. SilverK

    Tangiers Virgin

    What's the difference between Maraschino Cherry and Kashmir Cherry??
  12. QUOTE (MrMoodz @ May 20 2009, 02:03 PM) Does anybody know of where to pick up Tangiers anywhere in Maricopa County? The 70's Shop and Hookah Lounge carries it but for too much (cool owner but expensive). That 70's Shop only has 4 flavors, and they're only the "regular" line. He doesn't carry Lucid or F-line. He's charging nearly double the online price. Way too rich for my blood! BUT it's good to know that it's at least HERE locally, if one was desperate enough to pay that much for it. Eric is there ANY way that someone like me, here in Phoenix, could do anything to get it stocked locally at a better price?
  13. QUOTE (Canon @ May 20 2009, 03:27 PM) print a copy of what it would cost you to buy it online with discount and everything (h-s 3 pack deal with HF 15% off with shipping) and negotiate there Just got off the phone with Michael, the owner of That 70's Shop in Phoenix, and I told him the online price. He said something like "well you should order it online then. But beware that the price difference is taxes that they SHOULD be charging you but are not. And if you DON'T pay the taxes then theoretically the authorities could come after you for not paying taxes when you should have." Phht, I can't believe he thinks the $10 price difference is all taxes. That's just not right. Anyway, he knows me as a customer and he was not interested in negotiating the price. He said buy it online. Oh well...nothing ventured, nothing gained! I'll be putting in my order online!
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  15. I'm going to give Tangiers a shot, even though I live in the climate challenged Phoenix. I'm getting Cocoa and Maraschino Cherry (so I can smoke chocolate cherries) What are a couple other BEST flavors I should try? And which line are they (lucid, reg., etc.) And apparently they smallest size I can buy is 250g right? Best place to buy is hookahcompany?