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  1. Your Top 3 Af Flavors

    ps i lied bout watermelon i meant grenadine
  2. Your Top 3 Af Flavors

    way way way late posting here but i just joined two days ago lol but my top 3 are... esk apple grape watermelon, honey, vanilla (tied as third faves)
  3. Ball Bering Replacment For Your Purge Valve

    hahaha thats funny cuz i actually did the same exact thing with my old hookah before some drunk bish knocked it over and broke it
  4. Howto Pack A Vortex Bowl

    This bowl is so nice to use! Smokes very well and very smooth. Simple to clean also. I know for certain you can find em on saharasmoke.com as well, that's where I got mine from.
  5. Maryland Smokers Md

    Frederick, MD. can usually be found at Oasis up in hagerstown