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  1. New Km And Base

    Wow great buy! I love the look and size.
  2. Lighting Natural Coals

    I used my walgreens burner last night and it took about 7-8 min to light my coconara coals (completely white). I usually leave the ash on the coal and just move it around. The ash seems to insulate the coal and make it last longer. My session last night was a good hour and a half and I still had pea size coals.
  3. Light Natural Coals

    After reading this post I went over to walgreens and picked up that single coil burner. It was the same price as advertised on the walgreens website. I plugged it in a few minutes ago to test it and it got red hot! I have some coco nara coles, so I may do a little test tonight to see how long it takes them to light.
  4. Nevada Nv Smokers

    North Las Vegas Losee & Centennial Hit me up!
  5. Anyone In Vegas?

    I'm also in Vegas.