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  1. Multiple Reviews

    Setup: -Mya Saray Pineapple and all of its standards except -Vortex bowl -tinfoil Hookah Hookah Pomegranate Cut- Very very fine... wet but not soppy Smell- Amazing...it doesn't have the bitter of pomegranate, More like sweet with very slight hints of sour Taste- My favorite shisha! This was my first time with Hookah Hookah. It tastes sweet but not syrupy at all. The perfect mix of sweet fruity and fresh. Smoke- Not super thick... but satisfying. Buzz- I felt drunk... it was overwhelming. Duration- Well over an hour. This is my favorite. I got it in a sample pack of Hookah Hookah fruits and will order this flavor as a tin in my next order. 10/10 Hookah Hookah Blueberry Cut- Same as above Smell- Not very blueberry... kind of smelled like blueberry syrup or candy. Taste- It was fine... but I had high hopes based off of previous reviews and had just tried the Pomegranate. It was fruity but didn't have much depth. Smoke- Bigger smoke than the pomegranate. Buzz- I was already buzzed so I will be honest... I have no idea. Duration- Only about 30-45 minutes... it kind of fizzled out towards the end. Not bad... but I thought it would be much better. Would not order in a big batch but might try out at a hookah lounge. I can imagine most people would like it. It is sort of a middle of the road flavor. I give it a 7.8/10
  2. Social Smoke

    STARBUZZ Exotic Social Smoke Cut - Very fine... a few stems not super wet compared to other Starbuzz Smell - Musky spearmint Smoking length - About 30 min... then the flavor starts to die and taste nasty Taste/flavor - First few hits are very minty and fresh... but as it goes on it tastes more smokey and less clean when the initial burst of flavor dies. Smoke - Fluffy and white... medium size that don't really linger Overall - 4.2 - Nobody else likes the flavor... I thought it was okay but would not order again. It kind of tasted like a menthol cig.
  3. Vortex Hookah Bowl

    I tried the Vortex bowl today and WOW! I was using the standard bowl that came with my Mya Saray Pineapple glass hookah and this bowl makes a huge difference. It starts smoking in a hit and half and stays smoking for a VERY long time. And it doesn't start to burn! I had to get a larger connector for it, but it works fine now. I am also using the Three Kings coals and I split each one into three pieces and then light 4 pieces and place them around the center. The bowl uses a little more shisha than I had been using.. but it lasts so much longer that I am actually using less per session!