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  1. LullTheConqueror

    How often do you smoke?

    I concur... need more options...  once a day just isn't enough.  Actually, until I get a hookah up to Alaska, for me it's "never", because mine are both still at my college in Pennsylvania.  Oh well...
  2. LullTheConqueror

    Pipe or Pipes?

    I am a great fan of my three-hoser.  I think that may be because it was my first hookah, and as such I have a sentimental attachment to it.   I have a one-hoser, but the construction isn't as high-quality, and you have to jiggle the stem in order for the seal not to leak.  A quality one-hoser would be nice, though. I like the three-hoser because it can be used with one or two hoses if need be, and I often smoke with too many people to make passing one hose practical.  Perhaps I should look into a rotating one-hoser, but before I do that, perhaps I should look into getting a better job, as poor college students generally don't have the financial means of getting multiple high-quality hookahs. Anyway, that's just my two cents... your mileage my vary.
  3. I'm a man of wealth and taste.  (I promise this is the last time I'll post even partial song lyrics). I'm 20 years old, and have been a hookah aficionado for about a year now.  Last fall, as I was browsing a cigar shop I frequent, I saw their collection of hookahs, and basically said to myself "Hey, cool, I've heard of these.  Wonder what they're like?"  After getting the money together, the next time I was there I purchased a large three-hoser.  From the moment I first smoked it, I was hooked.  I've always had the occasional cigarette or cigar, and occasionally snuff, so you can imagine my surprise that tobacco could ever be so smooth.  I loved the taste, I loved the feeling, I loved the cool clouds of thick white smoke you could blow, and I loved that it didn't make your house smell like stale tobacco - I thought of it like incense that you could smoke. Since then, I've been bearing tidings of the hookah to my college... two of my friends have purchased hookahs of their own, and many more enjoy a smoke with us and some are considering getting one to call their own. I like to think I'm a pretty good ambassador for the hookah - it seems to me that most of my generation thinks of it, doubtless because of its similarity to an enormous bong, as a pipe for smoking pot, and I appreciate it on a higher level than that.  You can smoke pot out of anything, but the hookah is a one-of-a-kind experience. Alright, I think since you're here, you probably already know the virtues of the hookah, so I'm going to end this here.  Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name.