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  1. Yes, i've a screen something like that and works good.[img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/girl_prepare_fish.gif[/img]
  2. Hi, has anybody love to inhale hookah while driving, how to fix it and share some tips. Thanks.
  3. Has anybody tried the electric shisha coal? How it works? It seems just plug to power socket, but maybe not so good if the heat management can't be adjusted. I doubt different tobacco may cause different draw. How to make perfect smooth smoke ?
  4. Hi, anybody used the shaped foil? Something like a tablet package, put it directly into bowl without anyother foil. How it goes compare to traditonal way? Thanks!
  5. Has anybody DIY tobacco? or even DIY herbal tobacco.
  6. Anybody recommends some best hookah sites? Or any sites in middleeast area? Thanks!
  7. I've tried the mint and rose Soex, it's fresher compare to other brand. Never got headache, and quite different from the tobacco type i used to.
  8. If ur hookah drived by power supply in house, (electronic hookah) what u want it to be? Although it will not need coal any more, what else should it attract u?
  9. Hose Problem?

    Some hoses are with iron or steel spring built in. If u use maybe less than 10 times, it will rust ugly though u wash it and fry with air. I use a stainless one now. The washable style is plastic totally?
  10. Hi, has anybody tried smoke while driving? Any skills to share? Thanks.
  11. Hi, I found some devices on net can heating shisha with electronic heating device. Has anybody tried and share comment? I want to make a electronic device to heat shisha in my car with battery power or even with computer battery. Has anybody interested or gave any suggestion?electronic hookah