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  1. Smoking Tangiers Lime...Im not really into this flavor :(

  2. Got The Alien!

    I just got my alien and was worried at first because it's super shallow... I just packed it like I would my small tangiers phunnel and it's hitting pretty damn good. I'm pretty impressed, I like to smoke quick 30-45 min sessions and this bowl is perfect for those quick smokes. THANKS HJ!
  3. Looks like that are going to be quite a few alien phunnels in town haha

  4. Looking For A Bigger Tray For My Qt

    I have an extra large mya tray laying around somewhere. $10 and it's yours...
  5. Ch Natural Coals For Trade 3 Boxes

    what about a bambino...it just sits in my closet and never gets used...
  6. Too bad you don't have golden esk apple... Esk apple + Grape is fucking delicious!
  7. Hookahstore.Com Legit Or Not?

    I bought a KM trimetal chiller stem from hookahstore and everything went perfectly...
  8. Nammor Vs. Narbish V.3

    Okay, Thanks... I have never smoked a Narbish but have heard there is a slight issue with the hose port end being too heavy on a small hookah like the mya QT. Is this true?
  9. I own a Nammor, but it is broken beyond repair. All my other hoses are KM's which are non-washable and they are starting to really fall apart. So I'm gonna be ordering six hoses in various colors. Should I go with Nammor or the Version 3 Narbish???
  10. High Performance Computer?

    Wow guys, Thanks for the detailed explanation that really helped alot! When I get some time Im gonna sit down and figure out all the parts im gonna get. I'll post up what Im gonna order and get your guys input! THANKS!
  11. High Performance Computer?

    Thanks for the input guys. I have been researching all morning on how to build one yourself and it seems that its the best way to go. Where do you guys buy your parts from online?
  12. High Performance Computer?

    So far I have gotten by with my dell inspiron laptop but with my job and needing to run alot of software for engineering purposes I need to get a high performance desktop. I don't know much about computers. I need a desktop that can run photoshop, illustrator, autocad, solidworks, that can handle alot of cd/dvd burning for business presentations, also while I am at it I want it to be able to handle computer games and alot of video/music. My dell was given to me as a graduation present and its just too outdated and slow. I know there are people on this forum who are into computers, can you guys tell me what computers would be good??
  13. Ngraz617

    I got a glass scalli mod from Ngraz617 a while back and he went above and beyond the call of duty. He sent me a tracking number and shipped out the package immediately after payment. He threw in 6 sample bags of various shisha for me to try so I got about 200-250g of free shisha! Ngraz617 is a great guy and I would trade with him again in a heartbeat. A+ service!
  14. Khalil Mamoon Signature

    I got my sig ice from caravan trading on ebay