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  1. I voted for starbuzz. Its just really tasty.
  2. SnazzyXHookah


    QUOTE (rosc2112 @ Jan 4 2009, 10:27 AM) Just purchased a pumpkin-like hookah from ebay, with an aluminum case included. Here's the pics: I liked the glass center, and it was only $22 with shipping included. I figure I can replace the vase, which looks a bit too small. I'll write up more of a review once I receive & try it out I had this same one. smoked good a few times. now its rusty and everything tastes like rubber and crap. Don't Buy These. Save up and buy something good
  3. SnazzyXHookah

    Florida Smokers Fl

    QUOTE (cxc5120 @ Mar 24 2009, 09:12 PM) Man im suprised how many people live in jville! This is pretty sweet lol. Well im in duval as well. Im Moving To Jax To Be With My Kind. Fin.
  4. SnazzyXHookah

    Florida Smokers Fl

    Ocala! Yay! No. But I'm In Gville All The Time! Hit Me Up If You Wanna Smoke!
  5. SnazzyXHookah

    Home-made Shisha

    I never thought of this. Maybe I can make my own apple and it won't taste like anise!
  6. SnazzyXHookah

    New Patron Hookah

    That's Great