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  1. More forums and subforums

    Any idea if mods have read this thread?
  2. More forums and subforums

    Um, do the mods even read this?
  3. I am making charcoals!!!

    Yah, I am very interested to see how these turn out. They look so nice. So if you decide to send out any more samples, I will pay shipping for mine.
  4. Cranberry sauce. Turkey. Potatoes and Gravy.   Darth, I think we're on to something.   A HOOKAH THANKSGIVING FEAST!!!
  5. I am making charcoals!!!

    [quote name='Scalliwag']  Does any of the natural coals on the market come cut like this? round and flat on the sides?[/quote]   Not that I'm aware of. I swear I have pulled actual branches out of the bag of Romman Lemonwood. So yours look awfully tempting.
  6. Just bought my own hookah, so now I'm in sampling mode.   Romman: 50g Mint 50g Double Apple (I actually love the anise, thus, making it a fav) 50g Banana 50g Peach   Al Waha: 50g Melon (not impressed) 50g Strawberry 50g Mango
  7. Mya QT!

    Just bought one for my girlfriend and I bought a MYA Crimson. The QT is so amazing! Now I need to pony up and buy one for my personal use. The Crimson is still great for more people and it looks so nice, but I was surprised that the QT pretty much smokes the same. Plus, I could buy 4 QTs for the price of my Crimson!
  8. I am making charcoals!!!

    [quote name='Calcartman'][quote name='MrGuy'] Someone fire a thread up in general discusion or something![/quote] I don't see a general discussion forum? All I see is group for hookah lovers (here), jokes, and serious discussion; then intro and comments, the 2 at the top for mods/whatever[/quote]   See my subforum suggestion in the comments section. I think there's one there [img]http://hookahforum.com/forum/smileys/smiley9.gif[/img]
  9. More forums and subforums

    Oh yah, I forgot.   FAQ!   That would be a great resourse.
  10. how old

    18 years old. The first time was in Portland at the Pied Cow. Peach was the flavor. I owned a hookah my brother brought back from Gaza when I was 16 or so, but it was kind of beat up so I never used it. I still want to make it into a lamp.
  11. Why not get more detailed forums and subforums? Here's an idea:Announcements:- Updates to Forum- Forum Moderators NeededThe Hookah Lounge- General Discussion- Hookahs - Discussion - Reviews - Troubleshooting and Repairs - Modifications- Shisha - Discussion - Reviews - Mixers- Coals and Accessories- Buy/Sell/TradeHookah Community- Introductions- Pictures- Off-topic Discussion- Comments and SuggestionsWhat do you all think?
  12. MYA QT design "flaw"

    Now you all know what I am talking about with my MYA Crimson. Hope we can all find a fix. HOWEVER, BY NO MEANS SHOULD THIS DETER YOU FROM THE QT OR ANY MYA. They are all excellent hookahs, and I think everyone should own a QT.
  13. It is a MYA "Crimson" from hookah-shisha.com.
  14. [quote name='Lakemonster'][url="http://hookahforum.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=3926&KW=101"]http://hookahforum.com/forum/forum_posts.a...TID=3926&KW=101[/url][/quote] Before I go drilling on my $200 hookah, are you sure this is the best answer?
  15. Most, I guess. I find it strange because all the other hookahs I have smoked have the ability to clear the base out and you can see the smoke coming from the valve, even my girlfriend's MYA QT I just bought along with my MYA Crimson (the one I am having trouble with).