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Game Insane

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  1. Hello

    Welcome to the board boss.. Im Assyrian...
  2. hey, a newby type question.

    Using one of them long lighers does the trick for me...
  3. Greetingz Earthlingz

    We came a new fasho in the 2K5...Check out our NEW Single "Tell Me Somethin'"[url="http://www.giproductz.com/mp3z/TMS.mp3"]Game Insane - Tell Me Somethin' Grfx courtesy of www.essqubed.com[img]http://www.giproductz.com/images/tmslayout.jpg[/img] The CD also has music from the forthcoming album "Brainstorm" Coming Soon.01. Brainstorm (T-One, LOE) 02. Face Lift  (MuB, T-One)03. Tell Me Somethin'  (MuB, Royalty, Ram-C-Note, LOE, T-One) 04. International Networkin'  (T-One, Uso, LOE) 05. We 2 Boss (LOE, T-One, MuB)  06. Tranquility  (T-One) 07. Genius Ideaz (T-One, MuB, Royalty, LOE) 08. Invincible  (T-One, K-Rino, MuB) 09. This Planet (T-One, Mr.Maja, LOE) 10. 20/20  (Mastamind, T-One) 11. My Way  (T-One, First Degree The DE) 12. Contemplationz  (MuB, T-One) 13. Innovate  (T-One) 14. Season Finale (T-One, Mr.Maja, MuB, LOE)[img]http://www.giproductz.com/images/bsflyer.jpg[/img] If you aint heard that Game Insane, hit us up and learn about it...Dope sh*t... www.giproductz.com[/url][img]http://www.giproductz.com/images/bsflyerback.jpg[/img]
  4. weed in hookah

    Well the topic is hookah related...
  5. Another old fart discovers the hookah

    Excellent hookah to start with, if you got that one.Welcome.
  6. Hello to the forum...

  7. weed in hookah

    Looks like know one is willing to drop some info on this topic. The best way I have found this to work is 1st pack your bowl wit shish. Pack the bowl shallow in the center, to leave room for your tweed. Break down the tweed and pack it in the center of the bowl surrounded by the shish. The weed will be the 1st to burn, and the shish will follow. You can also break it down and mix it up real well with the shish if you want to enjoy the tweed throughout the whole smoking session. Let us know how it goes..Dont forget your Game Insane music while you smoke.
  8. Great forum!

    Welcome. Have you heard of a Rapper named USO from Denmark?
  9. time to improve the chat

    Ya I like the chat alot...Its adds alot to the site..
  10. Whas Crackalackin’

    Welcome Mobb.. Dope Avatar.
  11. New

  12. lol... Had my eye on that Mod Hookah but went wit somethin that looked a lil more ethnic... Is that betta?
  13. Had my eye on that bad boy, but went wit somethin that looked a lil more ethnic.
  14. my new little baby

    Nice hookah to add to the collection.
  15. Hookah Forum on the Mac

    Does anyone else have problems loading [url="http://www.hookahforum.com"]www.hookahforum.com[/url] on the Mac? Let me know.