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  1. HsK BATES

    Memorable Mixes

    Fantasia's pumpkin is delicious!!! leading me to this combo of 30% Af vanilla and 70% Fantasia Pumpkin spice
  2. have always wanted a cobra hose that wasn't restrictive and a nice long handle
  3. HsK BATES

    Dear Hookah John

    just smoked my first sessions with the new ch insta lights i picked up. By the time i put the coals on the burner and turned it to high it took 3 minutes till they started sparking up and then were instantly fully cooked. However the ashing on them sucked and was a dark grey and black ash. while on the bowl, the coals looked like lava rocks, and with the blackish ash it made them hard to see weather they were even fully lit or not. Definatly probably not going to pick up another box of these. id say they were worth the bargain price i got them at but they were hard to maintain a clean and good session
  4. HsK BATES

    Dear Hookah John

    Ran out of coals and went to a local AZ smoke shop, lo and behold there they are CH insta lights! They sold them to me for $5.99 for 108pc box !!!! whats not to love? havent tried them out yet and not much a fan of insta lights so well see how they go
  5. also make sure to leave everything sit out and air dry before putting back together stem and vase.
  6. Off to Supercross PHX

    1. dizzbizz


      Almost went today. I should have gone :(

    2. HsK BATES

      HsK BATES

      should have man, not even for the races exactly. but for the woman the race brings :D

  7. I will never stop, like im runnin from the cops.

  8. Winter Classic Tonight! watch it NBC

  9. [quote name='kmccoy90' timestamp='1293670319' post='492839'] What bar around Pittsburgh sells Tangiers? First off, Pepsi won't help. Caffeine will just make the symptoms worse. Lots of water is better than anything else. Second off, it's probably a mixture of things. CO2 poisoning. Dehydration. Oxygen deprivation. Just remember to breathe between hits and make sure your coals are lit. [/quote] woooh, looks like theres a new cop in town
  10. Seems like the only way i can get tangiers to smoke good is with a tealight mod. every time i have tried without, the foil gets sucked down. And when i try to poke holes in the center then ash just gets sucked down and i get no flavor just charcoal. yes, i am using heavy duty foil
  11. [quote name='dizzbizz' timestamp='1293187598' post='492252'] [quote name='GeeMang' timestamp='1293183283' post='492250'] damn 30 bucks for payment and shipment of the HJ alien mini phunnel...pretty ridiculous but if its as good as u guys say I wouldnt mind payin it. Does HookahJohn ever run specials like free shipping? Seeing as its around christmas I was hoping for some sort of discount deal or something [/quote] Theres a 10% discount for us Hookah Forum members but you have to spend like 45 dollars and I think you have to spend more for free shipping. Good time to try new shisha! [/quote] That 45 dollar mark only caused me to not use his site and in that case trying out his hose. Does he want business or no?
  12. funny thing is i noticed this sand sound in my MZ the other day and from what i can tell is just metal shavings loose from the inner welds? But when i shake nothing comes out. As of now really isn't causing any sort of problem.
  13. HsK BATES

    Alice In Wonderland Hookah?

    ^^^not even close to what she was asking. on the other hand I am no help in your situation, best of luck
  14. rummaging through the closest now for old packing penuts : ) yummmmmm