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  1. [quote name='hookah hippie' timestamp='1285180176' post='482814'] I haven't used them but for the amount of tobacco it is not economically friendly. If you want to make set up for your grandmas place easier, just prepack your bowl and cover it with foil and then poke holes when you get there. [/quote] hell yeah, that's a good idea. i'm going camping tomorrow, i might try that. not my favorite thing setting up in the dark without a sink.
  2. my standby is a small phunnel. for a real quick session, 30min, i got a shallow mod bowl scratch and dent for like $2 from HS. thing smokes really good! just picked up a vortex, had one smoke with it, and it sucked. i take responsibility for that, though. i was disappointed with the phunnel first time i tried it, too. different bowls and tobaccos like different methods. just gotta try some different techniques til you nail it.
  3. LJ04

    Red Dye Free Tobacco?

    not sure if you guys have ever read a surgeon generals tobacco warning... and you probably shouldn't if you're worried about the side effects of dyes. normally i don't care about dyes, but i ocassionally appreciate them if i'm making a mixer. can see how much i have of what much easier. i second checking out the reviews section for cut/color descriptions.
  4. that sucks it sucked. i saw those and thought they were clever. there are definitely ocassions they'd be nice. like anything else that's a new concept, they might suck for a while. then get better and who knows, maybe they'll offer bigger ones. props to them for giving it a try.
  5. i haven't used a narb, but after using nammor, i haven't felt even a twinge of a need to find something better. love em.
  6. LJ04

    Hookah At College

    [quote name='The Greek' timestamp='1284138073' post='481820'] It's also my first year at college and tobaccos banned, which i assume includes hookah, but you guys have any words of advice? unfortunately there's no hookah bars close and i dont have a car yet. [/quote] get some herbal and tell em "this isn't tobacco." i smoke in nonsmoking places all the time and never have problems. even nonsmokers like shisha smoke. it's like incense, not a stogie. i would recommend getting to know your RA. if they're cool, you're golden, bc dorm resident complaints generally go directly to them, right?
  7. i usually just run hot water through everything when i break it down after a smoke. brush clean it, usually just with hot water and dish soap, every 10 or so smokes. i don't smoke a lot of different flavors, though, and most are berry type flavors, so not a lot of ghosting. if i smoke something with a strong/different flavor, gotta brush it, cuz the ghosting can get FUNKY.
  8. once i tried coco's i never went back, either. about lighting them on a gas stove... i recently went to a friend's and he had a gas stove. "got a wire cookie rack?" so he pulled out his wife's cookie rack and that worked well. anything that lets the flame get to it should work.
  9. i like select flavors of sb, and my girlfriend does too (which is important). i read people knocking it for thin smoke and losing flavor... i don't know how you guys are setting up your rigs, but i get consistent booming tasty clouds for hours. nobody's ever taken a pull and been anything but stoked. i like that it doesn't have a strong buzz, particularly when i'm smoking with company including friends who don't smoke regularly, and when i'm trying to go out afterwards instead of napping. consistency is worth a few bucks, too. i haven't tried nak, but i've got some nak manderin in the mail now! heard it's good!
  10. LJ04

    How To Fix The Head

    yeah, no offense, as i'm sure you had a loooot of good times with that thing, but the solution might be in the bottom of the trash can unfortunately. i'm unaware of anything that will work.
  11. i was looking for the same things in a hookah when i bought my vortex. it's been great. doesn't tip, screws into the vase (so a drunk newb can't pick it up by the stem and drop the vase), seals and smokes great, i've had no issues with corrosion or anything with minimal maintenance. i bought a single hose and since converted it to a dually with the autoseals. haven't had a problem with those, either. the only thing that sucks about it out of the box is the hose. it's hard to pull and rusts and its not washable. got some nammor hoses and now it's fantastic.
  12. LJ04

    This Just In, Stay Away From Roads

    my recent favorite was a radio ad for "survival seeds". "grow an acre of nutrient-rich crops... the ultimate barter item." i thought it was a spoof the first time i heard it, but no, they're for real.
  13. i like "smoke over water" better than "smoke in the water". i'm with cotsi, gotta have "hookah" in the name. it can be secondary, though. e.g. "shisha shanty hookah lounge"... "hookah lounge" part can be in smaller letters or something.
  14. my gf and friend convinced me during a bad hookah lounge experience to buy one for a party we were having that weekend. i think i received it the day of the party. frantic to figure out what i was doing, i googled "hookah forum". boom. glad i found it!
  15. LJ04

    Tarbouch Mediterranean Grill

    QUOTE (Cybersist @ Apr 21 2009, 02:58 PM) Price: Sucks. The hookah alone was $17 and the Falafel was like $8. Our bill was almost $40 for 3 of us.... welcome to northern va! i did dine at this place once, didn't get to smoke, though. i agree with the restaurant feel. it is classy, but more of a resaurant for sure. i think there was one pipe going way in the back when we had dinner. i don't recall the music or service, so at least i wasn't offended by either. i wasn't a big fan of the food, not because it lacked quality, i just didn't like most of the stuff on the menu. i'm pretty uncultured with food.