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  1. Gamaliel

    Hm.. smoker’s cough?

    I dont think you can get smokers cough from 3 bowls a week;prolly not even one bowl a day.But if you overdo it ,it is possible.
  2. Just checked my stash,the gs bahraini that I have is in a red box the gs esk is in a golden box with green apples.
  3. Very nice reviews indeed  Interesting that the apple flavors aren't winners,and the lemon and grape are;usually most companies get the apple down and screw up with the less traditional ones.I've been looking for a good lemon flavor,I may have to try the lemon and the grape.
  4. Gamaliel


    Hehe found it,it's in me gf's stash and it's unopened.I must sample some and let ya know.I know what you mean about the cherry,we tried some in a hookah lounge and I wasn't really impressed,but I dont think it was AF cherry.The one we tried had a good start but ended up tasting like Vicks cough medicine  I'll smoke a bowl and let ya know how it was.
  5. Gamaliel

    Those Gothic hookahs....

    Yeah,I've seen the middle one myself and the bottom one as well,but I cant remember either.I'm almost sure it was from a site someone mentioned here in the forums a while back.
  6. That's indeed bad news  I still have some GS that I used the seal a meal on,now I'm glad I did.
  7. Gamaliel


    Many thanks Math  I was just checking out massel reviews Really great reviews,made my mouth water LOL! Now I have to look thru my stash and see if I have any af cherry.
  8. Gamaliel

    Mya Saray Hookahs

    I think most if not all the acrylic hookahs you buy on different sites are manufactured by Mya Saray.Mine has been holding up very well,it's sold as the Torrent on another site ,but it's still a Mya Saray.I havent dropped it yet but my clutsy girlfriend has on numerous occasions,LOL.However I can see where you could crack it if maybe you added ice to the base without adding water first.Anywho it's a very easy hookah to maintain,the stem is very easy to clean,and it smokes great [img]http://hookahforum.com/forum/smileys/smiley2.gif[/img]
  9. cypress,check out the af cola,it is indeed the best cola out there.I'm not a big fan of cola or rootbeer candies,but the af is right on target
  10. Gamaliel

    question with mixing

    Oh almost forgot,if yer doing fruit squeeze a lil juice into water and or liquid of yer choice.
  11. Gamaliel

    question with mixing

    Ice water with slices of fruit,citrus fruits do well,also a sprig of crushed fresh mint,or any aromatic herb
  12. Gamaliel


    I've had the Romman coconut,double apple,and sweet melon<really a great flavour>and apple.My take is that most of their flavours are just a cut below AF,it's the price that turns me off.
  13. That's a good idea Mo,some lemon slices and a bowl of af cola might be a good combo
  14. I've been listening to a cd called Exotic Strings,it has examples of string music from all over the world.I actually saw this reviewed in Guitar Player magazine and had to get it.It's very soothing and has selections from Iraq,Eygpt,Kyrgyzstan etc.
  15. Ya I just finished a bowl of the Fumari white peach and man did they screw the pooch on this one.Thank god they didnt change the formula on the watermelon.The fumari watermelon is definately one of the best melon flavors out there,if someone from Fumari is reading this,Yo! dont mess with a winner,bring back the old white peach formula,and dont mess with the watermelon!!!