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  1. Oh no I'm fine, I'm just mind blown right now lol 
  2. haha I've been out of the loop   You can say that again lol. I feel like my whole world has been ripped out from under me. 
  3. Wait...we're allowed to say weed now?!
  4. Yet Another Glass Pipe

    Honestly, those are the cheapest pipes that I have seen; definitely the closest to what you would pay for a legitimate high end pipe. I know that you don't necessarily want cheap with a glass pipe, but that doesn't mean that they look bad. 
  5. To answer your title question, instant gratification.    To go a little more in depth, "e-hookahs" and "e-cigarettes" are all the same thing in the end: personal vaporizers. The PV market has exploded, however it started with blu and the like with "cig-a-likes" that everyone quickly began to call "e-cigarettes." The parts started out small but people quickly realized that the components could be enlarged and that there were in fact more ways that they could build one and produce the same effect. Now we've got mechanical mods, box mods, VV/VW devices along with a whole slew of coil types, they just carried the "e-cigarette" name.   They're all doing the same thing, just in different form factors and different titles. 
  6. All Glass Hookahs

    Bout $400 for a traditional style. 
  7. Overkill Purchases

    haha, that was a while back. We stepped up our game:   [video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLHg5G7BGbo[/video]
  8. Alright, you all know the drill by now. On April 24th 2013 8pm-12am come party with us in Eastern Kentucky University's Ravine and smoke with close to 250 other hookah enthusiasts! We will have live music as well as some DJ time by our very own TheycallmeDave. We will be having a Kaloud Lotus giveaway this year, so make sure to come get your name on the list. This year we should also be having a Tangiers packing station, and a few boxes of Razan coals to use for the event. ***AS ALWAYS! NO NHT OR PARAPHERNALIA! The police will be called. DOKHA on the other hand is both allowed, and encouraged!
  9. hahaha   I love you all. 
  10. Hoses For Narrow Hose Port?

    Nuhose/Fancy hose is by far the best performing hose I have come in contact with. While they're cheaply made, the hose post handle is tiny, last for quite some time considering the price, and the draw is phenomenal. Sure they don't look great, however I will take a hookah that smokes amazingly over a hookah that looks amazing. 
  11. [quote name='Crhiss' timestamp='1358998264' post='569433'] That is insane! Just curious... How long do you think/expect that to last you? Lol [/quote]lol Well, a couple other people ordered with us. But Dave and I should be good for a couple of months at the least. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1358999513' post='569434'] I thought you guys died... [/quote] We might as well have. We're going to attempt to get another review up tonight though.
  12. [video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLHg5G7BGbo[/video] I miss you guys too. Tiny chat will be happening soon.
  13. You All Are ^%$#@# Now... :)

    You fucking change that back.