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  1. 2012 Prophecies

    i remember from history class that the date was dec 23, 2012...ill have just turne3d 25 two days before...gonna have a great birthday/end of the world party
  2. ummmm, bought it about 2 months ago...and it is passion fruit i will try packing more next time...and re-acclimating it, since it has turned very wintry here since i first got the bag
  3. Hey everyone, I have not been around in a while...had to go on hookah hiatus due to financial situation. I finall got some of those japanese coals that everyone says works well with Tangiers tobacco...but I could still not get good thick clouds without harshness...and the flavor was almost non existant. My setup was a tall MYA with the funnel bowl. Holes generously poked in the foil and 3 of those coals distributed around the edges. I would like to get this stuff smoking good so I can start sharing it with all my hookah friends here. Could Someone please help me?? Thanks in advance
  4. Genuine Hookahs Strikes Again!

    i can't understand why a vendor could have such a checkered history... other people have ordered from him and everything went really smooth
  5. i have found that taller hookahs can smoke better longer i owe this to owning a QT and a 30" MYA and the big one will stay nicer longer...the QT's stem gets too hot and i feel like that affects the smoke...
  6. romman is pretty good in my opinion, and it is reeeeaaaalll easy to get smoking well, which is good for beginners but not quite worth the price
  7. layalina and havannah have always had strong flavors in my expierience...maybe has something to do with your setup???? and i second the tangiers recommendation too
  8. chocolate moassal always tasted like a chocolate lolipop to me (or sucker for the midwest folk)
  9. Finally ordered a QT!

    i hope you enjoy the AW after nine...it is one of my favorites
  10. if you do not want to get washable hoses, the best thing i have found for non-washables is to beat them silly against a wall, then use a vaccume cleaner to pullout all the particles...but that may only work for hoses with stuff in them....not to sure about smelly ones
  11. Hookah Terminology Pronounciation

    yeah, thats what i meant by mia, its pronounced me-uh...i guess the mia could be taken two ways
  12. Hookah Terminology Pronounciation

    when i have talked to the mya people they pronounced it mia sare - aye
  13. i guess they should also ban the sale of tin foil...bic pens...highlighters...2 liter bollts of coke, water buckets and socket wrenches too then
  14. i would think that menthol would be a "cooling" flavor while mint is a minty flavor
  15. my girlfriend walked in when i was watching it and said it sounded like german porn haha