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  1. xipander

    Tangier's blueberry

    am i the only one that likes fantasia blueberry? i'm a big fan of fruity pebbles though...
  2. xipander

    Golden Esk

    last time I bought some, the first few bowls were great, i had a bowl a day for probably 3 - 4 days straight, then didn't smoke any for about two weeks and the next bowl of it I had was horrible.
  3. xipander

    Accurate Shisha Recipe?

    Ok, I'm bringing this thread back from the dead in hopes someone can help me out with my homemade shisha problem. I'm getting the flavour right but having a hard time getting the consistency of the juice/syrup good. It always come out _way_ to thick. I'm using golden honey instead of molasses, but I haven't tried molasses yet. I thought molasses was thicker and had more of a flavour that would need covering up. I mix honey, glycerin, and my liquid flavouring agents and I've tried with a tiny bit of water and heating it on low heat and it gets more runny, but when I mix the tobacco up and let it cool it goes back to just as thick if not thicker then honey and clumps up a lot. Then when I pack a bowl it heats up and the flavour goes back to liquid and drips down the hose. I have to use a phunnel bowl with it or the flavours gone in minutes. I think part of the melting problem is I'm using shredded rolling tobacco instead of leaf, but I'm working on that part. I want to get the juice about SB consistency, where it's not real thick and kinda oily so it sticks to everything instead of turning to water and running off when it get's heat. Anyone have anything to try?
  4. Ok, so I just moved to Atlanta area last weekend and am just getting settled. and I need shisha quick. Is there anywhere here, preferably in or close to Buckhead, that carries tangiers?
  5. Me from sometime... [attachment=3575:100_0420s.JPG]
  6. I need more k-cherry. I'm almost out.
  7. xipander

    I Got A New Girlfriend

    I have the golden cafe creme, golden vanilla latae, and irish cream... Don't bother. They all smell and taste the same, and it's got a taste of plastic.... Every layalina I've had tasted like plastic even if i try to acclimate it some it doesn't go away.
  8. xipander

    Exotica Quicklights

    i've never used the exotica quicklights but i've been useing exotica finger coals for my tangiers lately becuase they put out less heat and work better then my coconara's.
  9. xipander

    Glass Bowls By Hookah Shisha?

    I had the green one and it cracked with coconara's on it. Just broke in to shards while sitting there smoking out of it.
  10. xipander

    Cinco De Mayo

    I'm tryin' out some tangiers lucid watermelon.
  11. i'd take one if you can make it sky blue. like color of the QT sky blue bases
  12. xipander

    Body Adornment

    my tat [attachment=3522:Picture_005b.JPG]
  13. ...I think he meant how are you going to get it out of the stone you said they are set in. p.s. Lucid bacon. and a good vanilla/carmel/coffee flavour.
  14. QUOTE (mellamobunny. @ Apr 23 2009, 07:06 PM) how are you going to get them out? ...great! +1
  15. I have the Sahara infinity, it was the first hookah I got, and it worked great for about 3 months, then the it's almost impossible to clean the stem with the shape it's in and it get's gunked up _easy_ with really juicy tobacco and mine's even starting to rust/corrode some. But the main thing is the base looks awesome, but the Sahara down stem is soo short you have to fill it up to where it starts coming up the main pipe, if you get what I'm saying, even with such a big vase, there's not much room for smoke. But more importantly then that since the stems are cheap and easy to replace, the vase since it pancakes out at the bottom, if there's gunk in the water and you go to pour it out and it sticks to the top side of the pancake part and you don't see it and wash it out right then, then it's not coming out, it flattens out to steep to get a brush on the top part and the far sides of it.